Where to Wade Fish – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

It’s kinda like hunting. You’re actually stalking the fish. You’re in their environment, getting out of your environment. WADE FISHING IS AS BASIC AS IT GETS. NO BOAT, NOT A LOT OF GEAR… Nice fish Ethan, pretty! AND THE REWARD CAN BE GREAT. Awesome, look at the color on that. [music] AWAITING YOU IN THE […]


today is sliced raw octopus squirt mukbang thumbnail!! ok! I’m Satisfied let’s slice ok! I’m Satisfied let’s eat it Sesame oil beer please like and subscribe

Fishing With Your Piers-Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

IF YOU ARE ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE TEXAS COAST YOU ARE LIKELY NOT FAR FROM A FISHING PIER. Pier fishing is very accessible and very easy. You got one? AND WHETHER YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED OR AN ASPIRING ANGLER, A SEA OF FISHING OPPORTUNITY AWAITS. Everybody is equal on that pier. Everybody’s got the equal […]

ุงูƒูŠุงุณ ุงู„ุฌู…ุจุฑูŠ ูˆ ุงู„ุงุณุชุงูƒูˆุฒุง ๐Ÿฆ€ ู…ุทุนู… ู‡ูˆูˆูƒ !! | Seafood bags 20KG

Seafood boil bag Whoever loves seafood, this place should definitely be your next stop 20 KG, even more than 20 KG This place diminished the fork and knife rule, even the plates rule You put it on this way, look Wow No plates And because there are no plates and utensils There has to be […]

Assorted Seafood Sashimi โ”‚ Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul Korea โ”‚ Seafood โ”‚๋…ธ๋Ÿ‰์ง„ ์ˆ˜์‚ฐ์‹œ์žฅ ๋ถ€์‚ฐ์ž๊ฐˆ์น˜/ํ•˜๋Š˜์ฑ„๊ด‘์žฅโ”‚ํ•ด๋ฌผ๋ชจ๋“ฌํšŒ

Sea Pineapple Sea Cucumber Innkeeper Worm Abalone Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul Korea Busan Jagalchi Sea Pineapple Sea Cucumber Innkeeper Worm & Octopus Tell me what you want to see. “BAAM” Abalone I’ll show you the amount. Sea Pineapple Sea Cucumber Peni* Fish (a.k.a. Innkeeper Worm) Abalone Wasabi Paste Passenger’s Elevator No.3 We are going to […]

Do Fish Drink Water?

If you have a pet, one of your jobs might be to make sure that your pet has plenty of food and water… …unless, of course, your pet is a fish! You have to feed your fish, but you don’t have to give them water — there’s water all around them! But do fish need […]

Bass Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

This is big, folks. Dude, I think it’s a pretty good one. It’s pulling my boat. Woo hoo! Oh, it’s a big fish! Oh, it’s a big fish! We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Bass Fishing Battle. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. For round 1, each dude will have six fishing poles. Once you catch […]

Baby Dugong Crying | Animal Rescue | Love Nature

At the airport a very unusual passenger arrives on a late night flight. The badly hurt baby Dugong is just days old. It was found separated from his mum off the coast of North Queensland. This little guy is facing an uphill battle. He’s stressed and he needs around the clock feeding and attention. It’s […]

Stop Fish Bombing! Finally, there is a way to stop it | Dynamite Fishing

I was lucky enough I arrived in Sabah twenty years ago It was a fabulous experience, we saw marine turtles, we saw whale sharks there were fish of all different colors and stripes and shapes and sizes. So there we were on day three and then all of a sudden there was this huge sound. […]

These Fish Are All About Sex on the Beach | Deep Look

This baby fish is stuck. It’s ready to hatch, to swim out into the open sea. So how did it get here – stranded up on the sand? It all started two weeks ago, when its parents left their watery home for an adults-only beach party. During the very highest tides, California grunion ride in […]