Crab Chowder | Seafood Chowder | Crock Pot Recipe

What’s up everybody? Hey, you like Crab? Do you like Chowder? Then this is the video for you! You know what? Welcome back to my channel Smokin and Grillin and today we’re making a Crab Chowder with me, “AB”! Now let’s go over our ingredients I’m using Bumblebee white crab meat those are 12, you […]

Tropical Island Coast Seafood Forage Catch and Cook Sea Urchin Octopus Oyster EP.414

Andy’s fishing hey everyone its Andy here from Andy’s fishing I’m out on the reef flat today to do a bit of coastal foraging I’m gonna try and forage my dinner I don’t know what I’m gonna get I’ve got a spear, a hook and an oyster knife. so we’ll just see what we can […]

Niall Sabongi’s Seafood Chowder

So, today we’re going to do one of our signature chowders, this is a shellfish and smoked fish chowder It’s a really, really super easy kind of, you know, light supper, lunch or starter So, today what we’re using, these are lovely Connemara clams from the West coast of Ireland And any type of clam […]