Just smells like vinegar, red vinegar, bottoms up everyone!.my name is joey Ah! Good day everyone! and welcome to todays video which I’m so freakin’ excited about because I am a huge fan of the show shark tank. uh which if you don’t know what it is , where ya been livin? Probably in a […]

Alpha M. / Pete & Pedro – Shark Tank S07xE29 Season Finale (FULL SEGMENT) (FULL HD) [Fixed Audio]

First up is an entrepreneur from season four returning to the tank with a new opportunity for the Sharks Hello sharks, my name is Aaron Marino and I’m here today seeking a $100,000 investment for 10% equity stake in my new company Pete and Pedro So if I look familiar to you it’s because I’ve […]

Trout Stocking at Blackwell Forest Preserve

♪♪ Today we’re stocking rainbow trout at Silver Lake for the 2010 fall trout program which opens up on October 16. The season is closed from October 1 to October 15 for fishing so that the trout that we are putting in today have time to acclimate, spread out throughout the lake. And then on […]

Shaun Lane leaves Manly to join Parramatta Eels, video

Manly’s woes continue with talented forward Shaun Lane signing to join the Eels in 2019 The 23-year-old Lane has been among the Sea Eagles’ most consistent performers this season, playing every game for the club Lane has enjoyed the best season of his career but is off contract and Manly couldn’t match the deal that […]

How to Night Fish

How to Night Fish. Although fish do not sleep, most change their behavior at night. The tips given here can help you catch your limit after the sun goes down. You will need Timing Shallow water Artificial bait Needle-nose pliers Flashlights Insect repellant and boat (optional). Step 1. Start fishing after sunset or 1 to […]

These Fish Are All About Sex on the Beach | Deep Look

This baby fish is stuck. It’s ready to hatch, to swim out into the open sea. So how did it get here – stranded up on the sand? It all started two weeks ago, when its parents left their watery home for an adults-only beach party. During the very highest tides, California grunion ride in […]

Fillet Mignon Steak | Alex French Guy Cooking | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi guys, me and Hotpoint are bringing to life people’s incredible food memories. You’ve sent in loads of them and I’ve picked some great ones for us to recreate. Russell sent us in his food memory of the most amazing Filet mignon when he went on a beautiful family cruise and the perfect person to […]

Super Easy Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver – AD

Hi guys, ok, were going to make a super easy and delicious italian style fish pie. You’re going to love it and I’m going to bigging up my beautiful bake ware range So nice thing about this recipe is it’s really simple to do. I’ve got some mashed potato here just simply mashed, boiled, peeled […]