Web Series “Apharan” Special Screening | Arunoday Singh | Mahie Gill | Alt Balaji

Web Series “Apharan” Special Screening | Arunoday Singh | Mahie Gill | Alt Balaji

Oliver Herring: Participant Joyce Pensato | Art21 “Extended Play”

I met Oliver. We were showing at the same gallery and we were friends and Oliver started this, his video a couple years ago and I have been always happy to be part of it. We all met at the Bedford Avenue at the second hand store, the Salvation Army, to pick out a dress […]

Liverpool: “Beatles and Pandeiro” ft. Milena Sá & Jo Herring (Part 1) [Subtitled]

Sometimes I wonder where music can take me in the world Because for me Music Es Un Voyage My first stop in England was in Liverpool where I met Joe a composer whose inspiration to become a musician came from this musical city Like many other visitors to Liverpool I went in quest of the […]

Samore’s #Catfish s4 ep 13 | Falesha & Jacqueline (Review/Recap)

lock your doors hide your man hide your kids because Jacqueline, I mean Felicia I mean Tracy they coming Hey Hey SamoreLoveBugz you have now tuned in to my catfish recap guys be sure to subscribe to this channel hit that subscribe button also be sure to share this video on Google Facebook or Instagram […]

Shark Satellite Tagging – Berry Islands, Bahamas

One World One Ocean Field report Satellite Tagging The Berry Islands, Bahamas Neil Hammerschlag Director, RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, University of Miami We are in Nassau Bahamas. We are about to get underway on a journey to the Berry Islands marine protected area, where we are going to do 5 days of intense shark […]

Family Claims 80-Year-Old Lost Most Of His Retirement Savings To A Catfish

Dr. Phil, how are you doing? Laura, how are you. Nice to meet you. Listen, I just wanted to talk to you guys for a couple seconds before we go out ’cause I want you to know that I’m really sensitive to what we’re gonna do with your dad. He just turned 80 so there’s […]

Massholes Episode 15: Catfish and Coldcuts feat. Francia Raisa

PADDY: Jesus fucking Christ, Jimmy. You’ve died so many times in the last game, we can’t fucking get into this one. MAGGIE: You almost fucking died last night with that broad. JIMMY: Maggie’s right man. PADDY: Dude, that fucking broad was all right. I was trying to take her home. Why the fuck wouldn’t you […]