Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium Tour

I recently took a vacation to Florida and stayed five minutes from a place that’s a must see for, well frankly anyone but especially for a fishkeeper. It’s called Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium and it’s right on the water in Sarasota. They have a really impressive set of displays, which I’ll be showing you […]

CRAZIEST Things That Happened At The AQUARIUM!

Hi, it’s Katrina! The aquarium seems like a pretty safe place, but after today’s video, you may think twice about your next visit. Just kidding, have fun and learn lots when you go, but keep an eye out because here are 8 strange things that happened at aquariums! 8. A Stolen Shark During the summer […]


Oh Boy, okay, come on so it’s Nighttime in the aquarium gallery everything shut down at the end of the night I come in here and I check on the fish Basic stuff. Look what happened? One of the sharks hatched see if we can get them from above here. Maybe we need a little […]


with a flashlight we could actually see what’s going on inside oh my can you see this so last week we came to my local fish store to pick up my fish order we got that lion fish as well as smoked snowflake eel both are doing fantastic but we also mentioned a secret fish […]

Why no aquarium has a great white shark

There are some shark species that seem to do okay in aquariums. You’ll see a lot of nurse sharks, zebra sharks, some reef sharks and sand tiger sharks. But not the great white. For decades, aquariums have tried to contain the world’s largest predatory fish. Institutions like Marineland, SeaWorld and the Steinhart Aquarium repeatedly took […]

KIDS VISIT THE AQUARIUM! Fun Day With Sharks, Jellyfish, Turtles, Fish And Other Sea Creatures!

Wow this one is fast! Shark! Two Sharks! Ooh Fishy. Look, right there, a seahorse! Look at that one, here he comes! There is the seahorse. I think he is going to see his family. You think he’s going to his family? Ya. Yup, he is going to see his family. That is cool. What […]

Visiting an Aquarium At OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale Arizona and Searching for Monster Fish!!!

– Hi! (upbeat music) – Hey guys! Now before this video gets started, I just wanted to explain a little bit what this is because I forgot to film an intro of course. Of course I did. But it is pretty much where we went to this very awesome aquarium called the OdySea Aquarium, maybe? […]

Dogfish Shark Gives Birth At A Sushi Restaurant Tank | Kritter Klub

The shark just gave birth! The shark is giving birth for seven hours The first born Safely gives birth with some help We put them in the tank right away after getting them But we saw the heads of the baby sharks in the mother shark’s belly A baby is coming out again! It’s overlapping! […]

Why NO Aquarium In The WORLD Has a Great White Shark!

Have you ever gone to an aquarium and noticed that they never have a great white shark? Nature’s most fascinating predator is missing. Here are the top 7 reasons why no aquarium has a great white shark. 7. They Need A Lot of Space Many people visit aquariums hoping to catch a glimpse of sharks […]