Great White Sharks 360 Video 4K!! – Close encounter on Amazing Virtual Dive

Great White Shark 360 VR Sampler>See that school of fish?…follow it its good news! Sharks are coming oh fantastic! a Great White I’d say, i’d say around five metres he he ha! That was pretty close! Sharks have amazing senses She’s picking up the tiny vibrations of those Amber Jacks Lets take a closer look […]


– The sun is setting at Tiger Beach, and we just started shark diving yesterday. Never been night diving before. But somebody thought it was a good idea we go diving with sharks at night. Was that you? – Definitely was not me. – No, no, it was this guy. – It’s gonna be fine, […]

Hitching a Ride on a SHARK!?

(dramatic music) (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – [Mark] Hi, everybody, I’m Mark Vins. And welcome to a special edition of Blue Wilderness. So far on this series, we’ve encountered some pretty incredible marine animals. But nothing has sparked our imaginations like sharks. And, man, have we seen sharks. Near the Bahamas, we swam next to […]

Shark Attack: Great White Attacks Boat

00:16 COMM: A rubber boat is one of the last places you would want to be when a hungry shark is on the loose. 00:22 COMM: But that’s just where these German tourists found themselves when a great white decided to attack. 00:34 COMM: The group had been happily watching seals off the coats of […]

I Survived A Shark Attack | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

ALEXANDER KRAENKL: I looked down and I see this big grey monster. ALEXANDER KRAENKL: For one week in a year, my friends, also my brother-in-law and my son with his friends going for a dive trip to Egypt. And last year in 2018, in June, we had a trip on the little boat to the […]

My Ten Craziest Shark Encounters (I Got Bitten!) | Steve-O

– [Cameraman] Steve-O got bit imagine that? (air whooshing) – [Steve-O] Yeah, dude! My scariest, gnarliest shark encounters. (shuffling) Hi-Ya! (splashing) Yeah! The first time I ever swam with a shark, I actually got bitten. (loud bass drum beat) We were filming Jackass, Season 1 for MTV. And the idea was shark hugging. Chris and […]

Do These Things To Survive A Shark Attack

“Don’t go in the water,” was the tagline of the 1975 Steven Spielberg movie, Jaws, a film that scared the bejesus out of anyone that watched it, and to some extent seeded shark phobia (actually called galeophobia) into the minds of people all over the world. It might be old, but that film is still […]

Nearly CHOMPED by a SHARK!

– Alright Coyote, so I think we need to talk about what everybody wants to know… How close were you to actually getting chomped by that tiger shark? ♪Fire♪ ♪A fire on the mountain♪ (fiddle music) – What’s going on Coyote Pack? And welcome to another episode of Base Camp. Now this one’s gonna be […]

Tiger Shark Encounter – Director’s CHOMP!

– Mario, I’m usually really confident about everything we do, but today, man, I hope we didn’t bite off more than we could chew. Oh boy. (suspenseful music) (lively orchestral music) The ocean, a vast wilderness where life began millions upon millions of years ago, and to this day, remains one of the most unexplored […]

Tiger Shark FACE-OFF!

(dramatic music intensifying) (booming) (riveting instrumental music) – Welcome to Tiger Beach. A world famous destination for shark diving. More specifically, tiger shark diving. And not only will you see tiger sharks, you can encounter up to five different species. All formidable, all top marine predators, all on the same dive. And if that isn’t […]