Unbelievable Bull Shark Diving in Mexico

Great White Sharks 360 Video 4K!! – Close encounter on Amazing Virtual Dive

Great White Shark 360 VR Sampler>See that school of fish?…follow it its good news! Sharks are coming oh fantastic! a Great White I’d say, i’d say around five metres he he ha! That was pretty close! Sharks have amazing senses She’s picking up the tiny vibrations of those Amber Jacks Lets take a closer look […]

Diving with Bull Sharks

Hey everyone, I’m finally back from my vacation to Mexico. It was a much needed break and I got a healthy balance of rest and relaxation as well as adventure time. The trip kind of got off to a goofy start as when I was going through airport security one of my many devices randomly […]

Shark Dive | What Sam Sees

[Music] I’m Sam and I’m gearing up for a dive in the Atlantic Ocean to check out one of the biggest and baddest predators sharks they sometimes get a bad rap but what if I told you that the scariest oceans are those with out sharks so let’s dive in and find out just how […]