Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach – Scuba Diving in Bahamas

Everybody I would like to introduce you to Hook. This is the tiger shark that was with us on every dive. So this video is kind of a mini-documentary of a week long trip that we did to Tiger Beach, off of Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas with Eli Martinez and the people from […]

White Shark Cage Diving – South Africa

We’re with White Sharks Project here in South Africa and we’re about to go diving with Great White Sharks. Well we’ve spotted our first shark, we may be going in soon. We’re in and we’re ready! woohoo Looking for some sharks! One Two Three, Down Whoa Wow! That was awesome, they got really close that […]


(dramatic instrumental music) – The ocean, a vast wilderness where life began millions upon millions of years ago and to this day remains one of the most unexplored environments on our planet. Within its depths live an abundance of mysterious creatures, many that often surpass even our wildest imaginations, and some of them have even […]

Entering Kill Zone with Great White Sharks!

(water splashing) – [Mark] I am no stranger to risk. I have come face to face and hand to claw with some of the most ferocious and notorious animals on the planet. (lion huffing) But this one was so much more. An activity like this is not risk free. (tense music) (inspiring music) My name […]


– The sun is setting at Tiger Beach, and we just started shark diving yesterday. Never been night diving before. But somebody thought it was a good idea we go diving with sharks at night. Was that you? – Definitely was not me. – No, no, it was this guy. – It’s gonna be fine, […]

Hitching a Ride on a SHARK!?

(dramatic music) (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – [Mark] Hi, everybody, I’m Mark Vins. And welcome to a special edition of Blue Wilderness. So far on this series, we’ve encountered some pretty incredible marine animals. But nothing has sparked our imaginations like sharks. And, man, have we seen sharks. Near the Bahamas, we swam next to […]

Young Couple Free-Dive With Sharks | BEAST BUDDIES

Summer: There’s so much misunderstanding around sharks because, they are viewed as big scary apex predators that will eat you. Will: Keep your eyes on the sharks they’re very, very vigilant. Summer: Every time we go in the water this is their home it’s not ours. There is always a risk of someone getting bit. […]

Shark Electrosensory Experiment | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

This time on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, investigating shark electrosensory systems! Hi I’m Jonathan Bird, and welcome to my world! I’ve been swimming with sharks for over twenty years, and usually with a camera. One thing that has always been true about sharks is that they seem to love my camera. Sharks get right up […]

Diving with Sharks NO Cage!? – Oahu Hawaii

(dramatic music) (waves crashing) (birds squawking) (skateboards rolling) – We’ve been here in Oahu for probably five days and this was supposed to be a personal trip. I wasn’t gonna film anything but then I heard back from somebody that I DM’d on Instagram to go and experience the shark diving here in Oahu. We’re […]