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I Am A Fish Going To The School | Songs For Children | Going To School | English Rhymes Kids TV

I am a fish going to the school without uniform which I think is cool… Without lunch box, without school bag, without shoes and socks! Come and join me wee wee wee wee wee wee wee wee wee!… Mr Fin is teaching about the animals most of them are fish but some are mammals Like […]

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Great white shark dies after days in Japan aquarium

A great white shark which was captured and exhibited in a Japanese aquarium, one of only a few such sharks to ever be displayed in this way, has died just after three days, the facility said Saturday. The shark, about 3.5 metres (11’5”) in length, was trapped in a fisherman’s net and taken to an […]

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Why Megalodon (Definitely) Went Extinct

About 8 million years ago, a little baleen whale was swimming in the warm coastal waters of Peru. It was only about 3 or 4 meters long, about the size of a Beluga whale, and while it filtered mouthfuls of plankton-rich water, it was unaware that just below it swam a predator. Like the great […]