Memories of a Turtle trailer

Memories of a Turtle

Gill (2019) – Short Film – Official Trailer

-[Radio Voice] Just give me a status update. I think I’ve drastically improved latency on the jumps. -[Radio Voice] We talked about this. No messing with my code. -Let me test out the sardine can! -[Radio Voice] This isn’t a game. Teleporting is dangerous. -Hey are you seeing this? Oh, boy. -[Radio Voice] What’s going […]

A Tribute to Gill Dalley of the Soi Dog Foundation

I don’t think too many people achieve their goals, their aims, their dreams… um, and I’m not one of those people who’s going to go to the grave thinking “what if?” There’s nothing I haven’t seen I don’t think. You get dogs with their jaws wired up so they can’t eat or drink. Dogs set […]

Sci-Fi Short Film “The Gill Pill” presented by DUST

Why not it’s dangerous. Yeah But pastor fun in it. Well, not for me. None of this is for me Everyone is doing everyone is doing times and I still don’t want to do that. Does it always come back to that? You know three days Joe so You know what’s going to happen You’re […]

Chubby Mermaid: The Series! Episode 6

Subscribe to my channel, and follow me on social media! Pizza Pirate Delivery Burger Chief Furley Floral Arrangements DeWitt Banking Roper Jewelry Company Sally’s Veterinarian Services Dreams come true… …even though they don’t always end up exactly as you imagined Episode 6: “Catfish are bi. (half-cat half-fish)”

Chubby Mermaid: The Series! Episode 5

Subscribe to my channel! Help me get to 1,000,000 subscribers! episode 5: Mama Return my daughter to me. Mama Wasted. King Crab! To the right! To the right! I want to play, too!!! To the left! Dead end. Well done, idiot. Don’t hurt mama! Goodbye, mama. Mama! Mama! When I heard that word… …my body […]

YOU vs A SHARK – Could You Survive And Defeat It? (Jaws Movie)

You’ve finally done it, you’ve saved up enough money for a well-deserved vacation to Hawaii, surf capital of the world. As you hit the waves you let all your troubles melt away in the tropical waters and warm summer sun. Yet unbeknownst to you there’s something else in the water with you, lurking just under […]

“I Was Attacked By A Shark”

I’ve been asked time and again, “What was it like…when it had its teeth around you?” I’ve relived that moment far too many times, but I still couldn’t tell you with clarity what I was thinking. There was adrenalin, and fear, but what still burns in my memory was its eye, with my own eyes […]

The aquarium – animated short

Surprise! What do you think? Cas, We go to the aquarium all the- Let’s go! time I know we come here a lot but today is special And I’ve got a surprise for you I worked on it for a long time I had to pull some strings for this and- whoops! wrong way wait..what? […]