Holiday Herring 2019

Hello, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! On this episode we are going to make holiday herring. We will pour in some oil and fry some vegetables. Full recipe is in the link in the description below as always. What vegetables do we have here? Celery root, butter pumpkin, leek, bell pepper. Celery root. Pumpkin. A few […]

Siļķes tartars ar rupjmaizes kraukšķiem / Herring tartare with rye bread crisps

Herring tartare with rye bread crisps Hello, my name is Kristaps Jokmanis What do you think if we prepare today herring tartare I will serve herring tartare with rye bread crisps I have a slicer that’s why I can slice the bread in long and wide slices I will dry it and break in pieces […]

Traditional Lithuanian Herring

Hello, we are making a herring with Lithuanian vegetables. Are vegetables from your place? Yes! Mmmm… Apples are also from our place. From the nearest store, aren’t they? Come on… Stop saying these nonsenses. You talking nonsense. You brought them back by yourself and you are still saying these nonsenses. We’re cutting the onions at […]