If Nicki Minaj Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

– [Voiceover] Simgm productions. (playful music) (doors creak) (doors slam) – This is the moment of truth. (knocking) Ah, (bleep). – We’re up super early for this one. – The early bird catches the catfish. – Shut the (bleep) up and read the email. – Max, you won’t believe who this email’s from. – Who […]

If Drake Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

(knocking on door) – Can’t believe this is happening. Oh my God. – Max, you’re not gonna believe who this email came from. – Who? – Guess. – No. – We got an email from the one and only Drake. – The actor? – Yep, he says, “Dear Nev and Max,” “I met this girl […]