Grayling vs Brown Trout (spin fishing). Uncut Fishing #6

Hello dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Uncut Fishing. And you can see that today I’m at a larger river than in many of my videos. I like small ones but this time I chose a larger one because small ones are very dry right now, they are running very low. I will actually […]

Small stream autumn trout with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #4

Hello! Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Uncut Fishing and I want to welcome you to this magnificent autumn day. It is almost the end of the season. Today I’m fishing this small stream, I came from over there. I actually tried to shoot some of that previous experience. Maybe I will upload […]

Small stream trout fishing with a spinning. Uncut Fishing #2

Hello, hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Unscripted (i.e. Uncut 🙂 Fishing and, well, you can see the river that I’m at. Some would call it very small. For me it’s not that small, but let’s put it in the “small” category. And, yeah, let’s go fishing. I just arrived here, I didn’t […]

Sea Trout in Rivers – Spin fishing

FISHING PIKE IN SMALL DITCH – Holland🇳🇱 | Team Galant

this is how your fingers should look like after a good days of fishing I’m curious to see how long it is it’s like over 90 I think Oh good morning everyone I’m with Daniel Ayres and we’re just about to start fishing and we’re gonna fish with Peter Pan yeah exactly his friend back […]