Digging for Small Stream Trout Gold, Part 2. Uncut Fishing #24

Hello dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Part 2 of the longer segment I’m shooting today. Maybe it is appended to Part 1, in that case, you are somewhere in the middle of the video, if not, you will see the link to Part 1 in the upper right corner or in the description […]

Natural Aquarium – Microscopic Adventure

I decided to make a natural Aquarium. Winter is comming an I want some sources of life for my microscope. There is already alot going on. I probably will make some cultures too. But lets see what we have here. This Aquarium is three days old. It has cleared up but is still a mess. […]

Chinese Eel Beauty Treatment Will Make Men Think Twice

there’s a new beauty treatments are that involves deals a little bit too far so ill are use an old to help individuals exfoliate your body by gently nibbling of the dead skin arm you know a lot of people do the activity is very well known in China so the city you know you […]

Trout Fishing Kings River CA (upper)

I threw to the wrong spot then, thats why earlier I felt a bite too but…. His probably not big got only the smalls his probably not big ogm, mine is pulling amazingly come here fool oh don’t come tangle me Yingska, yours is so small, hurry it up, man! yours is so small, why […]

Indoor Aquaponics System- How to grow vegetables in your aquarium the easy way

O.K. So here is the aquaponics unit that I built. This is designed to fit right in the back the fish tank.You pull out your back glass panel in your hood and insert this in. It’s got four holes for three-inch net pots. It’s got several smaller holes. I think they’re 3/8 inch to allow […]

Fly Fishing – Catching Rainbow and Brown Trout in Pennsylvania 2019 – Small Stream Fishing Action

“Eel’s Nest” A Small Modern House In Los Angeles, California | Adorable Small House Design Ideas

“Eel’s Nest” A Small Modern House In Los Angeles, California | Adorable Small House Design Ideas

Digging for Small Stream Trout Gold, Part 1. Uncut Fishing #23

Hello, dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Uncut Fishing. And, well, let’s check the time… It’s nine o’clock in the morning, early September. And this is the stream I’m trying to fish today. I’m above a beaver dam so it looks slow here, but it will change. There was a take, a small fish. […]

Small Stream Huge trout! – Family Circle Flyfishing!

How was it? it was awesome i fished the fly near some branches and i knew it, if a trout took now, i just had to pump it up really fast otherwise I would lose it and then i saw a trout came for the fly but then I did not see the size of […]

can aquaponics be organic certified? | natural food

Can aquaponics be organic? This is what we’re going to see together in this video. [Music] Nowadays, organic food is becoming more and more popular. We don’t trust the food from the supermarket, and the only one we really accept is the organic food. That’s what we generally see. Unfortunately, organic food is generally more […]