Quarry Lakes Kayak Trout Fishing the Watersnake T24 Trolling Motor!

Whatsup guys check it out guess what I’m installing today so this kit came with this bracket this bracket is meant to be installed on a side mount on your kayak so this is the bracket these are all the parts here so this mode is pretty light that’s it I love a bolt on […]

San Pablo Reservoir Trout Tournament Season Opener 2018

look at this he’s gonna fool me he’s gonna spoil me dude he’s falling I got four pound tests he’s pulling me look Oh yo what’s up guys we are here at San Pablo dam reservoir we’re here for the trout tournament we’re waiting at the gate to get in got here a little bit […]

Camping and Trolling for Trout at Lake Amador

bro anything get one dude went out and got two more dude limited and Nicole what’s up guys we are on our way to Amador late this Friday we’re gonna get there a little bit early it’s an intel on the lake so yo let’s go fishing guys yo what’s up guys we are at […]

Lake Temescal’s Trout Season Closer – $40 Daiwa Rod VS $200 Phenix Rod

what happened no way dude what the heck dude are you kidding me it’s totally clean off yeah this is the resident it’s gonna make a good video dude you know I heard about that damn otter bro I wouldn’t have believed that if I didn’t see that with my own eyes hey guys I […]

Fishing for Trout at Lake Chabot’s Raccoon Point Dock

it don’t really like that that’s a hit yeah yeah this thing takes a little worth someone said fitted you get a bike nigga nice dude he’s fighting though was that a car bait nice dude nice crew oh yeah it is it is different about extra socks so use socks man socks work I […]

Is there Trout??? …in Lake Chabot.

hey so what’s up guys first day of trout season going to Chabot they planted yesterday at 1:00 so I’m gonna go hit this place and see if I can catch some trout let’s go fishing guys Hey so what’s up guys we’re still here Chabot I know fish yet the sun’s coming up though […]

Bad Weather Trout Fishing at Lake Chabot

oh man maybe I should have left a little bit earlier oh shoot oh man oh I lost my fish oh oh oh man are you kidding me what’s up guys we’re back at it so it rained all last night and it rained two days ago I was here the day before they planted […]

Kayak Trout Fishing at Lake Chabot

yo what’s up guys we’re back at it at Chabot! I’m heading over to Raccoon Point. let’s go guys! yo what’s up guys we are at raccoon point raccoon point homies out here al ready fishing they have a couple on and let’s see what we can get Music Any luck? Nice! Power bait? Yeah! […]

New Hampshire FIRST ICE – Big Brook Trout

All right, we got the maiden voyage of the new auger setup got a Ryobi hammer drill on it and it’s the clam plate with a just Walmart brand, I think it’s HT, 8 inch drill bit, so we’ll give it a go. That on one and then that way. (Yeah I moved that.) I […]