Sniff – Official Trailer | Amole Gupte | Sunny Gill | Trinity Pictures

Sunny… Oh, no…! What is your problem? I know you can’t smell, But you can at least see. You forget every other day. Go and flush it. It’s not like he can’t see… Or, can’t walk. Being unable to smell, is as good as being blind. It smells…tangy… It smells orangey. Like this? – Yeah, […]


How good is a shark’s smell, and how important is it to the shark? I’m Jonathan Bird, and this is Shark Academy! Sharks have nostrils just like people. They’re called Nares or Nasal Cavities. But unlike the nostrils on a person, sharks can’t breath through theirs, they’re only for smelling. As you probably know, shark […]

The Woman Who Constantly Smells Of Fish

FAYSAL BASHIR: She usually smells sort of quite oniony. It’s quite a strong smell. For some reason I thought it was called ‘fishiyatitus.’ COMM: Radiographer Kelly Fidoe-White has an unusual metabolic condition with a rather unpleasant symptom. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: The main scientific name for it is Trimethylaminuria. It’s also known as Fish Odour Syndrome. COMM: […]

How To Make Fish Less Fishy (Chemistry Life Hacks)

So let’s say you’ve got some fresh salmon in the back of the fridge. Or at least it was fresh a day or two ago before you totally forgot about it. Now you pull that pricey filet out, and get a nasty whiff of super-fishy stink. But don’t throw out that salmon! We’ve got some […]