Сельдь домашнего соления

Hello, dear visitor ! English subscription isn’t available (though it will be soon) but there is an author’s site http://www.povarvideo.ru with Google translator (special button with a lang list) for any languages. Each recipe on a site contains clear description for You in style like HOWTO. Thanks for watching and reading us ! With best […]

Healthy Banana Oat Balls Recipe 🍌 Healthy Vegan Recipes from Diversity Planet

Banana oat balls 1 banana Mash well Oats 85g (3 oz) Shape 5-6 balls Bake for about 15 mins 200°C (390°F) Try with nut butter or tahini

The real secret to sushi isn’t fish

Whole Foods? Refrigerated section by the fish on ice. 7-11? Beside the fruit cups in light syrup. Trader Joe’s? By the packaged sausage. It is everywhere. But as sushi made its way into foodies’ hearts across the globe, one thing has persisted in making sushi sushi. And it’s right there in the name. The word […]