Land Snails Aquarium Garden

June 17th, 2019 I spotted garden snails near the train station on my way home. Land snails and slugs can be found in almost every garden. Well, I have my aquarium gardens built to check on different ideas. One of the ideas is to keep pets 😉 Here is one of my aquarium gardens. Check […]

Facts: The Wolf Eel

The wolf eel is not a true eel. It is a species of wolf fish that lives in the North Pacific Ocean. Wolf eels are bottom dwelling fish that can inhabit rocky shorelines down to 740 ft (226 m) deep. They prefer enclosed spaces, like rocky crevices. They sometimes have to compete with octopuses for […]

Top 10 Aquarium Cleaners or Bottom Feeders

Hello There, Welcome Back! Many keep aquariums at home and big offices. But sometimes the aquarium becomes dirty due to algae growth and other waste that forms in the aquarium. This problem can solved by either cleaning your aquarium or bringing in some of the best aquarium cleaning organisms. So I bring to you the […]

[Tuto] Piège à escargots aquarium

Hello everybody, some time ago I made a video about the snails that can live in our aquariums, and somes species can be rather invasives. So today we’ll make some snail traps very easy to make, that cost practically nothing. I’ll show you right now the snail trap that I’ve been using since more than […]

How Cambodian Family Eats – Cambodian Style Seafood Lunch – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hi guys, Here is a nice Khmer Family Today i’ll be their guest and i will see how they cook and eat some snails and some fishes. Maybe i should change my mind… I can taste snails next year… Boys grilling snails outside while girls preparing delicious very spicy sauces This is the neighborhood Boys […]

How to choose snails for your Planted Tank: Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Pond Snails, Species Sunday

what up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby oh it’s BC Sunday in yo face on shower doing the video before the Browns have to travel to the Lumbo field to play the Green Bay Packers little nervous about them going in there Aaron Rodgers is a beast […]

Fish Tank Maintenance : Cleaning Fish Tanks

OK, now sometimes what happens is your going to get an algae build up on the side of your tanks. Now the fish don’t care about that, they could care less. They probably even like it. But, we have the fishes so that we can enjoy them. So we want to be able to see […]

Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Snails to Fish Tanks

Okay, now after our tank has been up for a good while maybe two or three weeks and we’ve got fish in our tank. They’re thriving, they’re happy, they’re eating, they’re doing all the things that fishes do. We should consider adding snails and/or algae eaters, Plecostomus. These not only add interest to the tank, […]

Watch These Cunning Snails Stab and Swallow Fish Whole | Deep Look

Big news. You can now support Deep Look on Patreon. More after the show. Cone snails are striking … in more ways than one. They lurk in the sand around coral reefs. And wait til you see what’s under the hood. That pretty veneer is hiding an impressive array of tools … and weapons. A […]

Fish Tank Maintenance : How to Dismantle a Fish Tank Filter

OK, now we’re going to talk about filter maintenance. What you?re going to want to do is, after your tank has been up and going for about three weeks. Now depending on if you’ve got a lot of fish, the filter maintenance is even more crucial and you?re going to want to do it more […]