I Had a Little Turtle

I had a little turtle, He’s name was Tiny Tim. I put him in the bathtub To see if he could swim. He drunk up all the water And ate a bar of soap. And now he’s in his bed With bubbles in this throat. Bubble, bubble, bubble, Bubble, bubble, bubble, Bubble, bubble, bubble, Bubble, […]

TMNT (2003) Full Opening Theme Song [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 TV Intro]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Turtles count it off! 1! 2! 3! 4! Turtles! Mutant chain reaction (Turtles!) Livin’ underground (Turtles!) Ninjutsu action (Turtles!) It’s a shell of a town! Turtles count it off! 1! Live by the code of the martial arts 2! Never fight unless someone else starts 3! Always stick together no matter […]

My Little Fish HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

Now my little fish and me We are the best of friends under the sea The moonlight on a little moonlight stroll All right here in your little fish bowl Sip a cup of tea if you would like Or go for a ride on an underwater bike Can you dream a dream when you’re […]

Miss Polly Had A Dolly Nursery Rhyme | Kids Songs by Turtle

Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick. So she phoned for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick. The doctor came with his bag and his hat, And knocked at the door with a rat-a-tat-tat. He looked at the dolly and shook his head, And said “Miss Polly put her straight to […]

Mine Turtle (feat. TomSka) | LilDeuceDeuce

HELLO! Mine Turtle Mine Turtle The Mine Turtle HELLO! Mine Turtle Mine Turtle’s on the road, the llama whipping by Mine Turtle’s got a smile sweet as pie flavoured pie Skater kid tells the cop “You can’t tell me what to do!” Watch out! When Mine Turtle says hello to you HELLO! Mine Turtle Mine […]

Lilly the Little Fish Soundtrack | OST Tracklist

one two three four five Once I caught a fish alive

Hello Children, today we are going to learn a fun song actually two fun songs with the same tune You like fish I love them very much Here we go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 then I let him go again why did I […]

Once I Caught A Fish Alive | Nursery Rhymes

Once I Caught A Fish Alive 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive, 6,7,8,9,10 Then I let it go again, Why did you let it go? Because it bit my finger so, Which finger did it bite? This little finger on my right.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | ‘Brotherly Love’ Music Video | Nick

Hnh. You’re the best, bro. Okay. All right. All right. Where’s the love? It’s right here between my arms! -Ah! -Oof. In your face! Hyah! [BELCH] Augh! LEONARDO: I’m gonna wipe that smirk off your face. Rrr. Uh-oh. He’s awoken the beast. Bow chicka bow bow! Yeah, that’s not weird or anything, Donnie. -Mikey. -Mikey! […]