Finnmark, Sørøya – A scenic trout paradise!

After driving, flying and a boat-ride, we are finally on our way hiking on Sørøya We are walking towards Krokvannet, our first camp Will be nice to seep…its close to midnight any mosquito?…Oh, yes..plenty for all of us Now the camp is raised close to Krokvannet Its passed midnight, and I’m very very sleepy… Tomorrow […]

Rapala Pro Guide | Halibut and Cod Fishing at Sørøya

Welcome to today’s show! We are on the beautiful island of Sørøya. The goal is to catch some halibut, hippoglossus hippoglossus. We will let this little friend of ours back. How hard can it be? It is back here again, behind us. Fantastic nature here in northern Norway. What a cod! Last one now. Come […]