Catfish Fishing with Crankbait Late Summer 2015/ Welsangeln mit Wobbler/ Риболов на сом

– This time I caught him!


Why did it break off? It happens sometimes. No! Have to catch it again! Stop! It’s a big one! Should I hold the reel? Pull! You caught a very big fish. Hey guys! How are you doing? Welcome to the second episode of our “Battle with a Monster Catfish” series. Before we get started, guys, […]

4 Catfish in 2 Hours on Handmade Lures/ Риболов на Сом/ Welsangeln Live Biss/ Pesca de Siluro

Guys, today’s video is about summer fishing for catfish. It is a great action but before we begin I would like to share with you a fishing adventure of our fishing friend and client Iliyan Tenchev. He caught a monster walleye on a Realwobbler Retro Red Head crankbait. What he shared with us about his […]

Hristoz’ FIRST CATFISH on Crankbait – 12 kg/ ПЪРВИ СОМ на воблер/ ERSTER WELS auf Wobbler

20th of January! Fish! I’m coming. Did you hook it? Catfish. Is it catfish? A nice one? It has to be here. Tighten the brake! I will film from a distance. Nice! Goshe, come help here! I’m filming. Look what time it bites! Schnaps time! Well done! Stop it! Don’t let it go there! Nice! […]

CATFISH Fishing with HANDMADE Wood JERKBAIT/ Риболов на СОМ на ДЖЪРК/ WELS Angeln mit JERKBAIT

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River Monster CATFISH/ Речно Чудовище СОМ/ Fluss Monster WELS/ Monstruo del río SILURO

Born this morning. Hold it! Don’t go to the river! What are you doing, nice goat! Nice goat! Look how she cares about them. So nice! Now we can go fishing. They left. Kate! We will change the spot, right? It is not here, now we will try there. Kate, fish on! Is it big? […]

Спининг Риболов: Атаки и Сом/ Spinning Fishing: Attacks & Catfish/ Spinnfischen: Attacken und Wels

20th of January. Fish, fish! Nothing, it came off. I got a bite! It came off again! Now Tsetso is going to tell me what what I’m doing wrong. Right, Tsetse?! Yes. Let’s see! You are casting down there. You have to cast up there; there is the edge. Tsetse, they were attacking right here. […]

Lure Fishing for Wels Catfish/ Waller Angeln mit Wobbler/ Pesca Siluro con Señuelo

– Is he a good one? – Should be about 2 kg/ 4.5 lbs. – There is another one at the opposite bank. – Nice! – 2 kg/ 4.4 lbs. – Great!