New Water: Manitoba Parkland Rainbow Trout with Randy Lewis

We’ve really started to enjoy trout fishing in western Manitoba. But we’ll admit that we’ve stuck to some of the same old water that we’ve learned and gotten used to. So we’re looking forward to trying some new places today, drilling some holes on lakes we haven’t been on before, and putting Randy on the […]

Take a kid fishing. Mentored Youth Trout Day Southeast PA.

hey guys today was a mentored youth program here in this part of Pennsylvania made me and my two sons we fished as another mentor and my buddy Ron from ahmedabad outdoors and check the link out below to his channel also we have extra footage of a little girl catching the biggest fish today […]

Brook Trout Bank Fishing on Crown Land in Ontario

“…50 times and then on the last run BOOM FISH ON!” welcome back to Conjuring Rock where we enjoy all season camping and fishing today I am with fishing with Andre. Luke from Limestone City Angling – angler “angler” angler. Today we are going for brook trout and we are on Crown land and that’s […]


Let’s get ready to rumble!!! Whoo!!! Hello everybody and welcome to Streamline Adventures! Today we are going into North Georgia to the Soque River… mmm… Coffee is good! I have my fishing guide Princess Rainbow.. see her back there She got that name because she’ll take you to the rainbows She’ll take you to the […]