Capt. Brady says GOODBYE! SEASON FINALE…Ep.258

Can you solve the fish riddle? – Steve Wyborney

You are the cargo director on the maiden voyage of the S.S. Buoyant, and you’ve agreed to transport several tanks containing the last specimens of a critically endangered fish species to their new aquarium. Unfortunately, as you’re passing through shark-infested waters, the boat is battered by a fierce storm, throwing your precious cargo overboard. And […]

Lost In Raja Ampat- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 32

Previously on Delos We finally caught a fish! only to lose half of it to a shark! The crew went on pirate watch And Phoebe joined Delos as new crew! “We just left Sorong 4 or 5 hours ago” “The wind is absolutely.. none!” “It’s about 4.30 in the morning.. nearing the end of my […]

Jonah: The World’s Greatest Fish Story (Jonah)

Let’s open the Bible to Jonah, the book of Jonah. It’s just four chapters, one of the minor prophets. And you know the story. We’ve gone through the story in years past, but in connection with the book, I want to reiterate it one more time to you. The opening chapter of Jonah is set […]

Rapala Pro Guide | Halibut and Cod Fishing at Sørøya

Welcome to today’s show! We are on the beautiful island of Sørøya. The goal is to catch some halibut, hippoglossus hippoglossus. We will let this little friend of ours back. How hard can it be? It is back here again, behind us. Fantastic nature here in northern Norway. What a cod! Last one now. Come […]