From the Field: Tagged brook trout reveal the pristine health of Maryland’s Savage River

My name is Alan Heft. I’m a biologist at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Inland Fisheries division. I am basically working on cold water fish issues for the state with an emphasis on brook trout here in Western Maryland. We’re working here today in the upper Savage River which is a special native brook […]

Trout Stream Restoration in the Driftless Region

Alright hopefully everyone’s doing well welcome back to the channel so what I’m out here doing today is some stream restoration work pretty recently I joined this program which is similar to the adopt-a-highway program in this case I’m responsible for maintaining the banks of the stream so the idea behind this program is that […]

L’art du brassage d’un aquarium récifal avec Claude Hug de Tunze

I am glad that you are here. We will speak about water movement in water column. It is a major topic in reefkeeping. It is a spontaneous conference. I will tell you everything that comes in my mind and if you have questions, don’t hesitate. It could be interesting if you expose me personal cases […]

Trout Fishing using Foam Earplugs for Bait

A while back I read that you could use foam earplugs for trout bait so I thought I’d give it a try. I stopped by the local hardware store and the only earplugs they had were kind of bluish green in color, so I went with those. I cut each ear plug into three pieces […]

Aquascaping a DBL bottom Aquarium – Step by Step River Stream Flow Tank aquascape tutorial

Hey guys, today we have a really cool project. I’m here with a couple of my friends we’re scaping this flow tank. You’ve probably already seen the concept from Panta Rhei. We have a double bottom here. There is a strong water flow inside the tank and this is going to be some sort of […]

Catfish Catch on the Juniata River

Elijah: I don’t want to put much pressure on him. There I saw him Eldon: Yep, there he is Elijah: He’s bigger than yours Eldon: I think so Elijah: Maybe not much Eldon: I think you got a couple of inches on him at least looks pretty decent Elijah: not a two footer though com’on […]