Pesca a mosca del siluro con Alien fly fishing by Mauro Borselli wels fish catfish big monster huge

Fly fishing for wels fish catfish big monster huge UFOs have arrived !! An ALIEN fisherman catching a STRANGER fish with a SPACE fly Fly fishing with alien fly for wels fish catfish big monster huge

Fishing for Trout with Savage Gear Crucian / Pesca á Truta com Savage Gear Crucian

welcome to another fishing video This year I will do many collaborations I go fishing in many different places with many different techniques And my goal is to cover as much as possible the savage gear lures I am fishing with Black Savage 5-20 Rod Okuma RTX 25 reel Two videos ago I tried to […]

Fishing Sea trout from dock – Havsöring/fiske Beijerskajen Öresund – GoPro

I’m going to change bait… …To… …Spinnerbait “Reflex”. Ready! I’ll be damned, a fish follows the bait! Okay, let’s reel in! Wow! It’s actually a Sea trout! There you go! Get back to the water!

Tecnica dove come pescare il siluro Flyfishing for wels catfish Mauro Borselli pesca mosca streamer

The fishing action for Siluro cat fish is in hunting search, we must be careful to what happens in water, signals, to the hunted, to anomalous waves in surfaces, these are big fishes and then they can move a lot of water, you can also be found in tailing Siluro Cat Fishes with Fly Fishing […]

Big Trout in a fishing event – Grande truta num evento de pesca

Hi guys, It’s a holiday in Portugal today. So I’m going to a fishing event The trout fishing event of the forum I will use my LRF rod with my Okuma Inspira reel That I used in my last sea fishing event And I’m going to fish the trout with a new lure from […]

Риболов на пъстърва ГОЛЯМ ЕКШЪН в градски канал / INSANE trout fishing in city canal STREET FISHING

Тoday we will try to catch brown trout in city canal Тoday we will try to catch brown trout in city canal In lost city 🙂 Abandoned city I scream my friend name to help me with the big fish Adeline Adeline I have to jump and try to catch this monster I hope the […]

Pesca ás Trutas de kayak em Portugal (4K ULTRA HD)

hi guys and welcome to another fishing video today is my first day of the year fishing for Trout I am in a new river, this is a new river for me, I fish here in the past but from shore I will fish this left side because people can´t fish here, too many trees […]

SEE HOW we catch this PIKE! Street fishing PERSONAL BEST

oh my god Put your foot on this put your foot on your mom ah look thats a nice shot with the boat coming past My mans got his shorts on. Today we’re gonna be hopping in from venue to venue the main objective is to just catch a pike so we’re gonna hit this […]