Camping + Beach Fishing for 9 Days Straight! (Camp Catch Cook)

Alright, we just made it here Brought all of our stuff, I got all my rods Hey, this is Pablo What’s going on? Where’s your site, right here? YES! Here’s James And, uh, we’re here for a week! See what we can catch, we’re trying to catch fish to eat, we’re trying to hang out […]

SBLI – Fly Fishing and the State of Striped Bass Fishery Film 2019, New York

If you’re a fisherman on Long Island and you like to fish for striped bass then winter feels like it’s the longest season of the year there’s no fishing for stripers in fact there is no saltwater fishing at all but when spring comes this cold world changes it becomes a fantastic fishing ground and […]

Weighing a 51-pound Striper in the Martha’s Vineyard Bass & Bluefish Derby

So we’re at weigh-in here this morning in Edgartown. We were out last night on the Elizabeth’s doing our usual routine, fishing through the night and throwing some eels. We were pretty discouraged, it was pretty dead last night. There were a lot of really small fish. We decided to go back and hit one […]

Using an EGG to catch fish?

Yeah, so this is the egg It’s about 2 ounces right here so I can cast a little fly out really far My friend Soloman actually showed me this egg I – I actually ordered it the other day knowing I’m gonna come here and target some striped bass and stuff You basically just hook […]

Striper Bait Tank – Warm Water Setup for Herring

all right guys it’s August first last couple of days surface waters about 90 degrees probably clued that a little bit we had storms coming in left there too a lot of rain so I’m going to show you different way the bait tank setup I showed you one where I’ve got a deep well […]

Fly Tying the Sedotti Feather Trout Slammer, Long Island NY

Hi I’m Mark Sedotti and I’m gonna be tying the Sedotti Feather Trout Slammer today mmm I’m starting out with two hooks and I have my main hook which is 4/0 actually it’s a it’s a worm book by Gamakatsu and my trailer is going to be a to odd Gamakatsu octopus you could use […]

New Jersey Sand Eels and Stripers | S16 E6 Pt. 1

By November the Jersey Shore belongs to the surf caster. The beach chairs and sun worshipers have been replaced by beach buggies bristling with surf rods and fishermen clad in waders and dry tops. Every day is different the last like every day at right now the bird play was so intense and you know […]

Striped Bass Fishing: Near Death Experience on a Dangerous Jetty

You really have to be careful or you could get really hurt. Now, I’m only stepping on these rocks that are not black or green because if– you know, one wrong step and you could really get hurt. *gasp* That man! Oh, my God! Brendon! So, hey guys, we are at a jetty right now, […]