Fish!-Visszhang felirattal/with English lyrics!

You tell it and don’t know how someone could hear it Maybe he just found it out or you told it to the wrong person Or just bypassed the essence As it came from the mouth into the ear it burst out a war I didn’t inted it it, didn’t want it just came out […]

The Tuna and the Dolphin | 참치와 돌고래 [2018 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2018.11.02]

You never know until you actually fall into it. How deep it is… And what is in there. Miss, I told you not to take a break. You are in the way, hurry up and move. Is it the same case with love? (The Tuna and the Dolphin) Excuse me. Yes? You look very kind. […]

【Touhou MMD】Eel-Grab Mystie (EN/FR subs)

Warning This videos contains the following. * Derivative work of the Touhou Project * Shaky camera * Something slimy * Mystie completely defeated “Yosuzume-An” [lit. Night Sparrow Hermitage, meant to be the name of Mystia’s stand] Ooh… That’s a tasty looking– Is that already on? That’s a tasty looking– It’s different from the box you […]

Bong Taegyu – Freshwater Eel’s Dream I 봉태규 – 민물장어의 꿈 [Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook/2018.04.21]

♪ The way into that narrow door ♪ ♪ Is to cut myself down ♪ ♪ And become smaller ♪ ♪ Now I have almost nothing else to throw out ♪ ♪ I look in the mirror ♪ ♪ And all I have left is my pride ♪ ♪ The home I left behind, the […]