Which are deadlier: sharks or horses? (availability heuristic)

Which should we be more afraid of: sharks or horses? Before we answer that, let’s consider two more questions: Which kills more people each year: car accidents, homicide, and suicide combined… or cancer? And… are there more English words that start with the letter ‘r’, or that have ‘r’ as the third letter? When answering […]

Fish Consumption and Suicide

[Music] depression is a serious and common mental disorder responsible for the majority of suicides but as I already covered intakes of fruits vegetables and naturally occurring antioxidants have been found to be protectively associated with depression so they concluded it may be possible to prevent depression or to lessen its negative effects through dietary […]

Is Fish “Brain Food” for Older Adults?

“Is Fish “Brain Food” for Older Adults?” In the landmark Global Burden of Disease study, they compiled the top 20 causes of death and disability. Number one on the list was high blood pressure, two and three are smoke. The number four leading cause of loss of life and health was not eating enough fruit. […]