Tight lines in Lapland The trip has finally begun and the weather has been nice so far Good paddling! Should we go left or right? Let’s go from the middle! I guess we were a bit wrong with the flood forecast The spring flood might be gone on this river section Plan B! I had […]

Kalastusvaellus meloen Nuorttijoella – Upea kanjonijoki Itä-Lapissa [ENG SUB]

Paddling Adventure on Nuortti River At this point of the trip, our minds are still humble the canoe is still dry and men are still hungry We have been on bigger rivers This is like stand up paddling, next year we’ll take the boards Our trip has started We began canoeing from the beginning of […]

Surstromming! Tarmo eat fermented herring very fast!

This is “Surströmming” (fermented herring) My name is Taarmo, i’m from Sweden! And I’m gonna eat this.. OOOOOOOAAAAAAAAWWWWOO!! HAHAHA! The surstrommingtin just jet I gonna eat everyone without potato, without bread, without butter! (Åååh the smell is coming!) Terve ei saa peittää (suomi. Hello! Do not cover!) Ooo fuck!! UUUURRRK Its no danger! One tin…Oskars […]

Kauden ensimmäinen taimen! | Perhokalastus

Hi! Today I came here This is first fishing day of the year 2019 It is The second of January I try to catch brown trout There is good slow currents I use red leech fly because it has worked well Mikko was here a couple of days ago He had lost one fish There […]

Molahus – Fly Fishing in Norway – Salmon & Trout

We are at Kuusamo We got camper from here Original plan was to stay at Kuusinki for one night and try to fish trout but the weather sucks so we decided to go straight to Norway 8-hours still to go It`s 7.50am at the moment We left late last night and still long way to […]

Koi Fish – Oil Painting – Noora’s Art Gallery

Hello again everybody! It’s Noora. Today I have an oil painting of a koi fish for you I took this reference picture from Gardenia a long time ago and just now found it from my old files and thought it would be a nice picture to paint. Here is the result! Thank you so much […]