Cooking BLACK BEAR in the FOREST | WILD Fresh Smoked Fish | ASMR (Silent)

Black bear is very common in Northern Ontario, Canada. Harvesting black bear is important to keep the heard balanced. Black bears will pray on moose calves. We are preparing a gambrel to help hold the bear up for processing. The stick is being inserted just under the Achilles tendon. Now the animal can be made […]

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Life at the Dead End: How to catch catfish

Scroungin’ around for food, shooting threatening things that move keepin’ dry under a roof oh yeah. That’s livin’ the life at the dead ennnnnnnddaaahhhhhhhh. This is a pretty simple rig. My weight is uhhhhhhh. …lead from balancing tires. My bait was frozen in my freezer from last fall. Couple of froggies in there. Need to […]

A Pilot Survived a Plane Crash And 15 Hours Among Hungry Sharks

You know, amazing stories about people who’ve survived a plane crash are also extremely rare. But what if I tell you that one man not only stayed alive after his plane dropped into the ocean, but also managed to fend off hungry sharks for a whopping 15 hours until he was rescued? Doesn’t sound like […]

I Was Lost At Sea For 76 Days With Sharks Circling

Have you ever thought about sailing the open sea alone? Would you ever want to? For many of us, it might sound fun, exciting or simply relaxing to take some time away from our day to day lives, like enjoying a nice vacation. Perhaps picturing yourself on a boat with beautiful sunshine and salty sea […]

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Die Laichwanderung der Seeforelle / Lake Trout spawning

What’s Driving Shark Attacks in Recife? | SharkFest

[dramatic music] NARRATOR: Along a roughly 25-mile stretch of shore, there have been more than 60 shark attacks since records began and almost half of them fatal. In fact, this small area accounts for almost 50% of recorded attacks in the entire continent. As a result, it’s earned a chilling designation as South America’s deadliest […]