SeaWorld’s Real. Amazing. Solutions to Protect Tropical Fish

Want to see something real and amazing? This is a blue tang, an increasingly popular marine fish according to marine animal experts, the only source for blue tangs is taking them from the wild and that could become a real problem. Every time I go into a fish store and I see some little kid […]

How listening to communities can help save our oceans | Vik Mohan | TEDxExeter

Translator: Riaki Poništ Reviewer: Ellen Maloney One of the greatest doctors of the 19th Century, Sir. William Osler famously said, “If you listen to your patient, they will tell you the diagnosis.” As a practicing doctor myself, I’m constantly reminded of the importance of listening. But I also work in marine conservation with coastal communities […]

Wild Salmon or Farmed Salmon? Which is Better? | Serving Up Science

– Ever wander the seafood section at the grocery store confronted with the choice of wild versus farmed salmon? You wonder, is one healthier? Tastier? I’m Sheril Kirshenbaum and in this episode of Serving Up Science we’re pitting wild versus farmed salmon. (bell ringing) So let’s start with the basics. Lesson one. Salmon is a […]

Passion for Precision Farming- Trout Lake Farm – by Washington Tractor

We are 100% organic at Trout Lake Farm In any given year we may grow up to 18 different crops in this area each that have different germination rates, different harvest dates, some are for aerial plant parts, some are for roots. We’re growing crops for their effect on human health for the supplement market. […]

What Does it Take to Produce an Industrial Egg?

[Geoff] Okay let’s look at an industrial egg with questionable quality. But what’s it take to produce an industrial egg? So, we know there’re not good systems anyway because there’re not very happy, there’re unnatural, there’re stressful on the birds, there’s all kinds of disease problems, and there’re in a big factory. That factory has […]

Australis Aquaculture: Raising the Bar with Barramundi

Australis Barramundi is the product of a new model of sustainable aquaculture in the marine tropics. Before founding Australis, I spent years searching globally for a fish that would be truly delicious, that could enhance human health, and would be amenable to sustainable farming. Barramundi brings all that together. Today, we offer a line of […]

Community health impacts of factory farms: Steve Wing at TEDxManhattan 2013

The way we eat doesn’t just affect our health it affects other people’s health too hog production in north carolina is a good example since the mid twentieth century livestock production has shifted from pastor based farms to factory operations there are hundreds to over a thousand pigs in each building the feeders are automated […]

Seafood Sustainability at Publix

MUSIC We do not set a timeline on sustainability. To us, sustainability is really a journey and not so much a destination; there’s not an end point. For us, sustainability is about continuous improvement. We feel for sustainability to truly take hold in the industry, it requires a partnership between the retailer, the industry and […]

“Sustainable Seafood” – Jane Lubchenco

So the conclusion here is that marine reserves, the information that we’re gathering, suggests that marine reserves can provide very powerful tools. And in some cases, they’re unique for some of the benefits that they provide. They’re not a panacea. They don’t do everything to fix oceans. So they really have to be coupled with […]