Bamse (GB) – “WELKOM TIL BUMSE™, WE PLAY HAPPY GAME!” – A Herring & Chips GameBoy Let’s Play!

so kids do you love DePalma sir the Swedish they did the this the starkest up beyond eval done is that right yeah ah that’s completely correct and like bouncers I actually I’ve watched a couple they’re actually quite delightful I was fucking school mum she’s the best yes yeah I think we’re missing some […]

Stinky Fish Challenge – Merrell Twins

I Don’t want to throw up but Hey guys I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa and today We are doing the world’s stinkiest fish challenge Thank You Brooklyn and Bailey for tagging us in this challenge no really, thank you I’m so thankful. You know I watched their video, and they’re all like throwing up What do […]

Pöpcørn | Recipes with The Swedish Chef | The Muppets

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Americans Try Surströmming (The Smelliest Food In The World)

– They say that when you first open a can of surströmming, it’s one of the worst smells in the world. – Let’s not do it then. – I don’t want to. Oh! – Oh! – Oh! – You’ve broken the seal. – Oh! – Oh, God! – Okay, nope. – I’m not. – Oh […]