NEW GHOST SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 83 | Pungence

– Here we go, (upbeat music) Ghost Shark versus Whale Shark. Okay, two Tiger Sharks. This guy won’t get off of me. Um, he’s doing a lot of damage. Oh! Dude, did I get him? Hey, what’s up, guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So, guys, today I’m so excited. We’re playing as […]

GIANT WHALE SHARK EATS A GIANT WHALE – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 88 | Pungence

– Is there anything around me? Wee, that’s a Mosasaurus. That’s a dinosaur fish. Why does my eye keep going out of its socket? Look at that. This is the hardest starting fish I’ve ever seen. Oh no, guys, we’re getting attacked. You think I could fit a big giant whale in that mouth? Hey, […]

The Ultimate Guide To Grilling Fish • Tasty 101

when you think of grilling most people tend to lean more towards harder meats like beef and pork however fish is a delish protein to add to your summer recipe roster buckle up for the ultimate guide to grilling fish there are a lot of fish in the sea and rivers and lakes but not […]

NEW BABY ROBOT FISH BECOMES REALLY BIG – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 86 | Pungence

– Oh my goodness. Dude it turns into (bleeps). Look at those big eyes. Oh my goodness guys, we’re having babies. He’s not gonna attack me, is he? Okay, just swim on by. It’s like a Mecha Bibos family versus a hammerhead shark family. Who’s gonna win? Oh, great white shark! Great white shark, you […]

The Real Reason You Should Stop Eating These Kinds Of Fish

We’re often told to eat fish for our health, yet at the same time faced with constant warnings about some of our favorite varieties. So which types of fish should you really strive to avoid? Let’s explore the real reasons you should stop eating certain kinds of fish. The swordfish is a predatory fish. Good […]

GIANT ANGRY TUNA – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 84 | Pungence

– Dude, how did you do that, no! Whoa look at that, tuna gang. Tuna gang, tuna gang, tuna gang. Oh my goodness, no! I’m gonna swallow you whole, oh! Oh no, tiger shark! Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys, today we’re playing as a fish we’ve never […]

NEW BABY BROWURAG BECOMES HUGE – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 89 | Pungence

– No, he’s going for me! No, no! Okay, we’re going up against two hammerheads. It’s floating above the water. Give me that! Yes. I’m gonna get ya. He’s trapped, we trapped him! Guys, this is it! Here we go! One more bite and I’m dead! Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and […]

How Does Mercury Get Into Fish?

Some vegetarians might claim that fish are friends not food, I am not one of them. But what if our fishy friends are actually poisoning us? Hey guys, Julia here for DNews Thanks to recent trends like the mediterranean diet, fishy meals are having their heyday. Fish seems to be the perfect healthy food, since […]

NEW NORWAY REDFISH – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 85 | Pungence

– We got a great white shark, let’s go for it. Dude, this is the fight of the century. Narwhal get away from me. I think we should go for this ichthyosaurus. Hey, what’s up guys, welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So, guys today, we’re playing as this brand new Norway Red Fish. […]