| 🇦🇺 SYD VLOG | 終於去到FISH MARKET 啦!🐟 在悉尼週末的一天☀️

Where are we going now? Fish market What time is it? 3:30 What time does Fish Market close? 4 We are almost there. Here we go Thanks We’ve just arrived. They should be cleaning up We have to hurry up before they close Oyster & Urchin Please follow me Home sweet home See ya

Ep25 マグロが来たど~!!!シドニーフィッシュマーケットは楽しいよ~!! Wow Huge Tuna! Sydney Fish Market

Wooow! Huge! OMG Tuna!? Konnichiwa Sunny Blog here I’m at Sydney Fish market There are only few tourists because it’s early morning Vendors are here Here in Sydney Fish Market, You can buy fresh Oysters by the dozen It comes with lemon and fork so that you don’t have to wait until you get home […]

Best of Sydney CBD Episode 2 (Fish Market and Darling Harbour)

hey guys welcome back to my channel Colombia in Sydney today we are doing episode number two of the best to do in Sydney CBD so come along with me today we are going to do Darlene Harper and we are going to do a fish market personally I love fish market for having lunch […]