Charlie: CIA’s Robotic Fish

In the 1990s, CIA’s Office of Advanced Technologies created “Charlie,” a robotic catfish, to study the feasibility of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and other aquatic robot technologies for intelligence collection purposes. Charlie’s design capabilities included speed, endurance, maneuverability, depth control, navigational accuracy, autonomy, and radio communications. Charlie contains a pressure hull, ballast system, and communications […]

Calming Care 3 System by CEO Han-Gill Park in Atomy School SBT Auditorium

Calming Care 3 System by CEO Han-Gill Park in Atomy School SBT Auditorium

PetSolutions: Doradon Aquarium Acclimation System

Doradon Aquarium Acclamation system, gradually change the temperature and water conditions inside the bag to match the conditions in the aquarium. This ensures a smooth transition for new fish, corals, shrimp and invertebrates. Everything’s included too slowly adapt new additions to your existing the aquarium environment. For additional information on the products used in this […]

DIY CO2 system for aquarium – citric acid + baking soda

2 liter PET bottle from Coca-Cola – A 200 g of citric acid 600 ml water 2 liter PET bottle from Coca-Cola – B 200 g soda 200 ml water mix A – 600 ml water and 200 g citric acid tighten the valve squeeze the bottle A so that a mixture of the mixture […]

Aquarium DIY Bio Co2 system

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Setup a bottom system for a planted aquarium

Celsio – Bottom heating cable It is used to avoid cold areas within the substrate keeping it warm as in natural streams and rivers It enhances the growth of the roots of plants and the biologic ecosystem of the soil Celsio is provided with a 30w transformer (220v~230v) with a switch from 19w/24w according with […]

Aquaponics Farm Grows Vegetables without Fish

[music] Alright! This is John Kohler with, today we have another exciting episode for you and I’m on another field trip, and this one’s going to be one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever made about aquaponics ever. Where we’re at today, we’re here in Austin, Texas at Austin Aquaponics, and as you […]

Airbnb Competition to sleep inside a fish tank with 35 sharks

Giving a new meaning to the phrase sleeping with the fishes! This is a sleepover like no other. Airbnb are offering its users the chance to win a night in an underwater bedroom at Aquarium de Paris. Scared yet? Well what if we told you the lucky winners will be submerged in three million liters […]