Penguins Attention | Baby Shark Halloween | T. Rex Car Compilation + Nursery Rhymes

You are watching fun for kids TV, let’s learn and have fun Left right left left right left penguins attention penguin salute Did you ever see penguins marching here when you look at us some penguins you will see penguins attention penguin salute left flipper Did you ever see penguins marching here when you look […]

I am T-Rex Song + Baby Shark Doo Do + Squirrel Tail + Kid & family friendly Songs by Fun For Kids TV

I am T rex fierce and strong If you see me coming, then run along. I am T-Rex, fierce and strong And this is my song I am T-Rex, scary and big, I am hungry always, ready to hunt … Small dinos, huge dinos, mumma dinos, papa dinos Baby dinos, uncle dinos, grandpa dinos, granny […]

Mosasaur Shark Attack – Reign of the Dinosaurs

Otro de los ganadores de la evolución. Un asesino, tanto ahora como antes. Un mosasaurio pesa diez toneladas. Puede nadar a una velocidad de hasta 48 kilómetros por hora. Y es muy, muy letal.

Can You Feel It? with Chrissy Teigen

-Guys, here’s how this works. We’re going to have a number of mystery objects brought out in front of us, and our job is to guess what each one is. The catch is that we have to figure out by touch alone. [ Laughter ] Honestly, I — really, I said it’s a fun game, […]