Clean Aquarium Glass Lily Pipes like a PRO + How to remove Lily Pipes from the Tubing

What’s up guys and welcome to this video. In today’s video we have again a Pro Tip here and I’ve been neglecting the Lily Pipes for quite a while, to get them really dirty to show you the entire cleaning process. So let’s kick in the intro and I gonna see you afterwards Okay guys, […]

My best Aquascaping Contest result ever! Final update 60x50x40cm IAPLC 2019 Aquarium

Hey guys, welcome to another video here on my channel. Yeah we’re here and talking about my big 60 aquarium. And this is gonna be kind of the last update on this aquarium. Mainly because I want to rescape it. It’s been running for almost a year now. And it’s just about time. And it’s […]

ALL MY AQUARIUMS TOUR 2019 (most of them empty 🙄) +10K Winner and NEW 25K Giveaway Announcements!

hey what’s up guys and welcome here, season 2 on my youtube channel. Great to be back and great to see your smiling faces and it’s super awesome to see Logan. His face right behind the camera so everyone say “hi” to Logan in the comment section below. Guys I’m super excited for this video […]