Product Review: Pinky Aquarium Filters

Hey everyone Steve Poland here from Steve Poland Cichlids Today I wanted to do a review of another one of the products that I use in all of my tanks and that is these Pinky Aquarium Filters They sell these through their website which is but you may have also seen their advertising on […]

Leopardkugelfisch der wohl beste Kugelfisch für Süsswasseraquarien

puh, I am getting pretty old… My knee… Hi and welcome to my new youtube video Today I show you my green puffer freshwater fish Maybe you already know them. This breed is from Germany I am going to tell you a little about this cute fish. It is going to be a voice over, […]

How aquarium sumps are made

so today I’m back in Detroit with my man brian baer check, and he’s [taken] me [to] a very special place to [his] free to his friend Steve Bashi Tell me how you know this guy and what we’re about to see literally I’m not kidding you Steve Used to come into a pet shop […]


Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! This is the final episode of the Japan trilogy. If you guys have missed the previous two episodes, – we presented you the Nature Aquarium Gallery, the ADA Gallery in the first episode and we had some really nice visit to the Sumida Aquarium, as well as to […]

Triops Aquarium – Marks Shrimp Tanks

Hello guys and Welcome to Mark’s Shrimp Tanks. Today we’re going to be setting up a proper triops tank because I don’t think this one is the best, um, the best conditions for young triops to grow in. It’s very very small, there’s hardly any water movement. So we’re gonna try and do our own […]

PetSolutions: Doradon Aquarium Acclimation System

Doradon Aquarium Acclamation system, gradually change the temperature and water conditions inside the bag to match the conditions in the aquarium. This ensures a smooth transition for new fish, corals, shrimp and invertebrates. Everything’s included too slowly adapt new additions to your existing the aquarium environment. For additional information on the products used in this […]

how to cycle saltwater aquarium quickly

how to setup a quarantine salt water aquarium tank quickly. when using a quarantine tank, the most important thing is a 50% daily water changes, or at least every other day. uneaten food or fish waste will cause ammonia levels in your water to rise very fast, killing your fish. they will suffocate. ammonia levels […]

WHAT HAPPENED TO FRANK!?! My pet aquarium fish

oh Where’s Frank is Frank dead r.i.p? Frank Frank Frank Frank We want to see frank give us Frank show us Frank in your next video proof Frank is still alive This is what I’ve been dealing with for the last few days hundreds if not thousands of comments Just like that so in today’s […]

Monterey Bay Aquarium – “The Open Sea” Feeding Show – 2013.07.20

…the exhibits in the aquarium already this morning, you know what I’m about to say. If you haven’t, you will get to see them as you go around the aquarium, But this looks very different than most of our other exhibits because there are some things missing from “The Open Sea” exhibit, and those things […]

Aquascaping Lab – Otocinclus Catfish Dwarf suckers description/pesce mangiatore di alghe descrizione

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Otocinclus commonly called Oto catfish, armored catfish, dwarf suckers or otos It derives from the Loricariidae family and comes from South America from areas of Brazil and Argentina, Perù, Colombia It ‘a small fish that will not grow much, is mainly nocturnal […]