FAQ #1: What do you recommend to paint the back of the aquarium? | 52 FAQ

Today on brstv we are doing something new! Hi I’m Ryan one of your hosts of BRSTV. For those of you that are following along recently my wife is about to have our baby at any moment and I am going to take a quick break to go enjoy that with her. While I am […]

Fiddler Crabs Introduced to Archerfish Aquarium

Hey Archer fish tank. I got some fiddler crabs and introduced them into the tank a couple weeks ago. I want to show you a little bit about their first meeting with the archer fish, their first meeting with the Frog, everybody’s getting along and they’re a great addition to Archer fish tank. Let me […]

Fabulous Fish Tank FAILS

what up fish tank people fishtanktv.com dustinsfishtanks bringing you five fabulous fish tank fans oh yeah that’s right we’ve all killed some fish and done some stupid stuff in our aquariums here’s five fabulous fish tank bails from your boy d number five when I was about 15 years old I got my first 55 […]

Fish & Tank Care : Using a Python Hose to Change Fish Tank Water

CHRISTIE OWNES: Hi, my name is Christie and I’m with Expert Village. And I’m teaching you proper care of fish today and a little bit about the different types of fish. And now, I’m going to teach you how to use the python so that I’m going to teach you how to do a fish […]

[DIY] Making a Crested Gecko Vivarium 크레스티드게코 비바리움 만들기

Did you find it? You have found it now. You think it looks at you. The lizard is sleeping now. The lizard is called Crested Gecko. There is another vivarium. You won’t find this time. Let’s find it. The friend was hiding behind the tree. This friend is sleeping too. Today we will make a […]

Testing Aquarium Water (Tips and Tricks)

today’s episode is all about testing your water what’s up everybody welcome back to STUDIOREEF so today I decided to do a video about some tips on how to do your testing so first of all happy new year everyone and welcome to 2018 so I hope you guys can use some of these tips […]


hi guys and welcome to fish tanks with Heidi I wanted to bring you a video all about my top five favorite nano fish for beginners. I think nano tanks are becoming much much more popular and I think that they can look absolutely beautiful on a table or on a desk beautifully aquascaped. Little […]


hi my friends. welcome to my channel. to day, I will sing the video in Turkish and English, to day 1 good news, 1 bad news. ı want to tell the good news first. DO YOU SEE? ı bought bonibon fishes, other name is trans genetic fishes. now, ım training fish, adaptasyon. this fishes, very […]

DIY – How to make Automatic Fish feeder for under 5$ [Subtitle]

Hello friends, today in this video, i am gonna show you how to make this automatic fish feeder so for this project all we need is an arduino board some fish food, a microservo motor few plastic bottles some hot glue okay you can see at the bottom there is a yellow plunger kind of […]

How to prevent female molly fish from eating its own baby fry. Saving as much as possible molly fry

heater should be used if outside temp is below 74f/24c