Kappa Sharanam | കപ്പ ശരണം | The Taapioca Restaurant in Eranakulam | Tapioca and Fish Curry

Do you love cassava? Let us eat. Come. Good evening. Do you love cassava (tapioca)? There are many varieties of cassava. Boiled cassava, mashed cassava, Chinese style cassava, local style cassava… Today we are in a restaurant for cassava lovers. It is called The Taapioca. It is in Kochi. Let us eat. Come on. We […]

Kappa and Fish Curry | കപ്പയും മീൻ കറിയും | Riverside Cooking

Onion Green Chillies Tomato Garlic Ginger Curry Leaves Ginger Garilc Paste King Fish coconut oil Curry Leaves & Fenugreek Onion Ginger Garlic Paste Red Chilly Powder Turmeric Powder Coriander Powder Tomato Water and Pot Tamarind Fish fillet Cassava Water, Salt and Turmeric Powder Coconut Oil Curry Leaves Ginger and Garlic Crushed Cassava Coriander Leaves Kappa […]