The Red Herring Fallacy. Feat. Tony Abbott

In video we will be looking at the red herring fallacy and then see an example by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot. A red herring is when an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention away from the original argument. This is often used to avoid dealing with an argument directly by shifting […]

How to Fillet a Trout (or other whole fish) in Minutes – How to Remove Fish from the bone

hi it’s Melissa from little kosher lunch tonight we had grilled trout for dinner we didn’t get to do them on the grill because I ran out of fuel unfortunately and we need to refill the propane tank so we did them on the broiler and i wanted to quickly show you how i fillet […]

Best Eel Fishing Technique by Village People | Bottle Trap for Catching Eel Fish

Best Eel Fishing Technique by Village People | Bottle Trap for Catching Eel Fish

Fiiish Black Eel – Techniques et animations (with english and spanish subtitles)

Brand new sea lure for 2019 : the Black Eel 3 main characteristics on this lure The first one is the attachment system of the hook this is exactly the same system as the blackminnow the PH25 system A hidden and articulated hook manufactured by VMC the same as the size number 3 of the Blackminnow And last but not least probably the most important the inverted paddle We are at the beginning of the season, there’s just been a storm, however the water is pretty clear We are […]

How to Kill a Catfish for Food Preparation Using Nunchaku (Nunchucks)

Man Steve we caught a nice fish on that thing today! Yeah that’s a monster, Um what are we gonna do with him are we gonna kill him and eat him or what? Oh yeah for sure but I think you should take your nunchucks and kill him because my idea of killing him humanely […]

Lake Trout Vertical Jigging – Rig Setup

Hey – I’m Captain Ben Wolfe with Sport Fish Michigan. We’re out here on Platte Bay, we’re going to jig up some lake trout this morning. I want to show you a little bit more in-depth the setup that we’re using to target these lake trout as well as the salmon. It’s a really simple […]

Lake Trout Catch and Release – Livewell Tip

One thing that we do when we have lake trout that are really tired from the long fight – sometimes they’re ready to go and swim right away, we want to hold them boat-side and make sure they’re swimming healthfully before they go back down. The other thing that we can do when they look […]

Boots Allen: Peacock pattern for sea run brown trout in Tierra Del Fuego

The fly I’m going to tie for you today it’s going to be really weird, it’s gonna get weird the look of it is a saltwater fly it very obviously has saltwater origins I use it in Tierra del Fuego fishing for sea run brown trout on the Rio Grande and Rio Menendez River. There […]

Aquarium Fishing Fail! Epic Fish Tank Prank. FUNNY

Dad what the heck are you doing (the kid yells in the background) Shhhh…Come here… Were going fishing and there is two things you need to know about fishing…one you gotta to have a trusty fishing hat Put this one! Right now number 2 you gotta go where you know the fish are! and I […]

How to Night Fish

How to Night Fish. Although fish do not sleep, most change their behavior at night. The tips given here can help you catch your limit after the sun goes down. You will need Timing Shallow water Artificial bait Needle-nose pliers Flashlights Insect repellant and boat (optional). Step 1. Start fishing after sunset or 1 to […]