Transforming the Trillion Dollar Apparel Supply Chain | Jag Gill

My name is Jag Gill and I’m the CEO and founder of Sundar. So, the fashion industry is changing rapidly. The consumer is becoming much more conscious about where their product is sourced, who makes it and if the supply chain is transparent, ethical…how are workers being treated? This has not really been addressed very […]

Transforming the Global Fashion Supply Chain | Jag Gill

So it takes just two minutes for me to search select and purchase my dress online, but it takes 12 months to go from concept, to fabric sourcing, to finding the manufacturer, the trims that gets this dress to market. That’s minutes to purchase this dress, but months and if not years to manufacture it. […]

How To Make Lipstick & Lip Balm From Scratch | How to Make Everything

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