Bizarre Desert Turtle?!

– [Coyote] The turtle’s right here! Ooh, he’s burying down, hold on, hold on! No, no, no, no! (dramatic music) You can literally walk for miles across the desert and never come across a single drop of water. So it’s safe to say that the last place you would think to look for aquatic turtles […]

5 TMNT Gadgets in REAL LIFE 🐢🍉🗡️ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

what up what up I’m Chad Wild Clay and welcome to five ninja weapons vs. fruit and we are going to be using the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles weapons I’ve always been a huge fan I’m going to go buy their weapons and see how each of them perform against some various fruit this should […]

Oohalu Gusagusalade Telugu Full Movie | Naga Shaurya, Rashi Khanna

Smoking and drinking|is injurious to health. Smoking and drinking|is injurious to health. Hail! Hail! Hail the supreme lord! Hail! Hail! Hail the supreme lord! Are you crying when cutting onions? Are your tomatoes becoming pulp? Is it hot when cutting chillies? Then you have to purchase this slicer. It costs only Rs.1499 only. But if […]

Serena’s Story: Why Sensory Inclusivity Matters at the Aquarium

Do you want to go to the Aquarium today? Today, I came with my husband, Craig, and my two children, Serena, who is 7, and Lucas, my son, who just turned 4. Serena has a couple of diagnoses. When she was six months old, she started to have seizures, so she was diagnosed with epilepsy. […]

The Most Paused Disney Movie Moments Ever

Disney has produced dozens of animated classics over the year, all of them packed with memorable images. There are some images, though, that we just have to linger on longer than others. Here are some of the most memorable Disney movie moments that will make you say “Did I just see what I thought I […]

Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii)

The blanding’s turtle has an elongated and highly domed carapace, that is usually black with specks of yellow. Carapace length ranges from 6 to 10 inches. This species has a hinge that allows the plastron to fold up towards the carapace, especially the front portion. These features often cause this turtle to be mistaken for […]

Mistaken Identities: How to Identify a Roman Emperor

[MUSIC] Stanford University.>>My name is Walter Scheidel I’m the Chair of the Classics Department, and it’s a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you to what I believe to be the 7th Lawrence Eitner lecture. A lecture series set up to publicize classics and classical scholarship to a wider audience. It is from […]

Ask the Aquarium — “Why do the turtles stretch out their legs?”

We’re doing turtle yoga here in the swamp. We do it every single day, but what that means is for our aquatic turtles, these guys living in their life in the water, they’ve got to get out and catch some sunlight. So they’re crawling out and they are basking. What that means for them is […]

Little Mermaid of “Yoshioka Riho” is in a fish market! Commercial of “Y!mobile”

What is that person laughing at? Isn’t it understood? It’s because it’s impressed. Really, who are you? Angler I write on a fish left-hand side of a Chinese character that it’s inexpensive. Well, ICHIYONPAICHIYONPA… Y!mobile is ICHIYONPA. I’d like to eat food served in a pot OK, it was bought! Oh, I’m serious! It has […]

Venomous Octopus Defends the Reef!

– [Narrator] Tonight we are on the hunt for something truly bizarre. As I hope to encounter the aliens of the reef. (intense music) (majestic music) – What’s going on everybody? And welcome back to another Blue Wilderness adventure. Here on the edge of the Caribbean Sea at night. Now we’re at Grand Cayman Island […]