DIY – Aquarium to Formicarium Modification

The Messor colony! Some months ago there have been just a few of them. They took care of their brood, raised their sisters. They have started consuming more and more proteins. Today they have a giant brood chamber. This colony is growing so extremely fast. Their formicarium is slowly getting to small. I decided to […]

How to Save Money in the Aquarium Hobby

Are you tired of spending so much money on your aquarium? In this week’s video I’m going to give you some tips and tricks for saving some of that hard-earned cash. That’s coming up. Hey everyone, Steve Poland here, Steve Poland Cichlids, And if you’ve kept an aquarium for any amount of time you […]

Savage Gear Line Thru Trout SwimBait | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks. Glenn May here with I’m here at the Savage Gear booth at ICAST 2015 checking out some brand new stuff. And you got to see what caught my eye here. Now I’ve seen some swimbaits, the 6-inch swimbaits, they got the 8-inch swimbaits, and there’s even the big 12-inch swimbaits. Well, […]

Bull Trout Activities in Idaho’s Boise River Basin

[music] Dmitri Vidergar: Reclamation is monitoring the Bull Trout population in the Boise River Basin as part of an obligation for the Endangered Species Act. [underwater sounds] Mary Faurot: So Bull Trout, throughout their range in the northwest, have been diminishing. We need to understand their biology and their life history so that we can […]


Hi guys! It’s Tobi again from AquaOwner – the German aquascaping channel. And today’s video will be about the entire aquarium maintenance process. I have to admit that in the last week, because of the many appointments and the many things I had to get done, I didn’t have the time to change the water. […]

If Nicki Minaj Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

– [Voiceover] Simgm productions. (playful music) (doors creak) (doors slam) – This is the moment of truth. (knocking) Ah, (bleep). – We’re up super early for this one. – The early bird catches the catfish. – Shut the (bleep) up and read the email. – Max, you won’t believe who this email’s from. – Who […]

How to Fish for Lake Trout : How to Set the Hook when Trout Fishing

Hi. My name’s Charlie Labarda. I’m here with Expert Village. I’m here to show you how to fish trout in the lake and ponds. And now we are going to talk a little bit about setting the hook on the fish. You notice the bobber is going up and down? That means I have a, […]

Trout Fishing in North Carolina

Today’s program is on trout fishing in North Carolina. There are three trout species in North Carolina. All three species are considered game fish, require cold water streams, and are found in the western 26 counties of the state. The only native trout to North Carolina, the Brook Trout has seen a range reduction of […]

Night of the Hunting Sharks! | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

Coming up next on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, Jonathan films an amazing night hunting behavior! Hi I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my world! The White tip reef shark. It’s one of the most common small sharks on reefs all around the Indo-Pacific. Considered largely harmless, this shark is usually seen by divers lounging on […]

3 Kombucha Myths

I’ve been reading about kombucha for a long time and there are some things that I’ve read when I was first new to it that I thought were you know kind of like gospel and along the way I realized that those things are not true so in today’s video I’m gonna tell you about […]