Proper Catfish Handling for Anglers

NARRATOR: The State of Missouri is an excellent place for catching blue cats. They’ve got a number of reservoirs that have blue cats in it, we’ve got the Missouri River here, the Mississippi River on the other side of the state. Excellent, excellent blue catfishing in this state. The bigger fish I think should be […]

Hagy’s Catfish Hotel | Tennessee Crossroads

(soft jazzy music) In order to make your out of the way restaurant a popular destination to far away customers well you got to have some special attractions. How about consistently delicious catfish, a catchy name, and a scenic view of the Tennessee River. Well we know such a place right near Shiloh National Park. […]

Bear River Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Reintroduction

Back in the mid 1970’s there was a thought that the Bonneville cutthroat trout Might even have been exacerbated But as state agencies and others looked for this fish We found that there were still quite a few populations around We have been working really hard on this fish For the last 20 to 30 […]


This silvery and extremely heavy trout Jumps out of the water like seven, eight, nine times And it’s like six feet through the air It’s absolutely ridiculous, we can’t believe our own eyes Now we got home from Samsø, Denmark. Definitely one of the most insane fishing trips you could ever imagine Never thought we […]

HOW TO: cheap and simple DIY aquarium filter – sponge filter

Hi, everybody Joey here again and welcome back so today I’m going to show you how to build one of the best Aquarium filters that you can have for your aquarium the sponge filter Now the sponge filter has been in the hobby for a very long time but for good reason It’s cheap its […]

Missouri Record Fish Stories – Yellow Bullhead Catfish

NARRATOR: Now you might think that in order to catch a record breaking fish, you’d need to be dipping your line in some epic body of water. Well, it turns out you don’t. Just ask John Irvin of Drexel, Missouri. John Irvin: This old lake has been here, I don’t know, I’ve been around here […]

Streamers for Trout | How To Use Them

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Welcome to the Orvis Guide to Flyfishing. This episode, it’s all about streamer fishing. Streamers are a great technique for anglers because it’s an effective way to search out aggressive trout and other species. Streamers are especially appealing to flyfishers looking to catch big fish, bigger trout eat big prey. And […]

How to Fish for Lake Trout : How to Choose Fishing Line for Trout Fishing

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda. I am here with Expert Village and I am here to show you how to fish for trout in the lake and ponds. At this time, we are going to talk about the string. The string is very very important on the type of fishing you have. That means […]


Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping. We’re back to the Green Aqua Gallery after the UK trip. Back to the serious business! We’re gonna set up a 64-liter tank. A 60x30x36 cm tank for you guys. This week. Check it out! 60 liters would be an ideal choice for you guys. If you want […]