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To many people eels are slimy snake-like creatures to be avoided but eels are fish not snakes and seeing one in its natural reef environment can be quite a spectacle. Moray eels are common reef residents. Normally found with their head sticking out of a cave they can appear quite aggressive but don’t judge a […]

Facts: The Wolf Eel

The wolf eel is not a true eel. It is a species of wolf fish that lives in the North Pacific Ocean. Wolf eels are bottom dwelling fish that can inhabit rocky shorelines down to 740 ft (226 m) deep. They prefer enclosed spaces, like rocky crevices. They sometimes have to compete with octopuses for […]

How listening to communities can help save our oceans | Vik Mohan | TEDxExeter

Translator: Riaki Poništ Reviewer: Ellen Maloney One of the greatest doctors of the 19th Century, Sir. William Osler famously said, “If you listen to your patient, they will tell you the diagnosis.” As a practicing doctor myself, I’m constantly reminded of the importance of listening. But I also work in marine conservation with coastal communities […]

Ask the Aquarium โ€” “Why do Catfish have whiskers?”

Catfish have whiskers because they mostly feed at night, and they really can’t see their food with their eyes. Those whiskers have taste buds on them like you’ve got on your tongue. They actually feel around with those whiskers and taste what’s around them with those whiskers. That helps them find food at night. They’ve […]

Watch Beautiful Santa Claus Guppies Growing: 1 Day Old to 16 Weeks

How’s it going everyone. These are my male Santa Claus Guppies. I’m raising them in an outdoor 50 gallon tub. These Santa Claus Guppies are perfect for outdoor fish tubs and ponds because from the top view they really stand out with their white iridescence, white pectoral fins, and red tails. These are the females, […]

If You See This, Get out of the Water Immediately

Here are some of the most dangerous animals in the water! And did you know, the portuguese man o war ISN’T a jellyfish?! 10 – Titan Triggerfish If you think you know someone that get triggered easily, wait until you hear about the titan triggerfish! This fish is EASILY triggered. These fish will go to […]

What Are Common Bird Illnesses? | Pet Bird

Dr. Laurie: So when a bird becomes ill there are some general signs that we’ll see. Being lethargic, fluffed up, tucking the head under the wing, not eating, producing fewer droppings, but there are really some specific signs of illness that can be indicative of certain diseases. If you have a female bird, we are […]

Omega-3 supplements can prevent childhood asthma

[Narrator] You probably know somebody who has asthma. You may even have it yourself. It can cause difficulty breathing, chest pain, wheezing, and coughing. In western countries, one in five kids is now diagnosed with asthma before their fifth birthday. That’s more than double the number it used to be. But, what if a simple […]

Everything About the Platypus Is Weird

The platypus is definitely a strange-looking animal, but its odd appearance is nothing compared to deep sea fish, ugly dogs and every single human from the ‘ 90s. And really, its looks aren’t even the craziest thing about it. Try not to mock this weirdo. The platypus makes hormones and proteins that can save peoples’ […]