Using Filter Socks in Your Reef Tank – EP 4: Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Today on BRStv we are going to discuss filter socks and the reef tank. Hi, I’m Ryan host of BRStv where each week we cover a new topic related to reefing. This week we are going to hit on filter socks. We will talk about why reefers use them, why some reefers don’t and how […]

Trout Fishing using Foam Earplugs for Bait

A while back I read that you could use foam earplugs for trout bait so I thought I’d give it a try. I stopped by the local hardware store and the only earplugs they had were kind of bluish green in color, so I went with those. I cut each ear plug into three pieces […]

Heritage Minutes: Jennie Trout

Send them home! Get rid of them! Gentlemen, gentlemen, please. And so, this organ, which I regret I cannot name because of the presence of these members of the weaker sex. Who, although they are married, could not possibly endure… Get them out! Patience, Jennie. Patience?! Get them out! Dr. McFarland! Mrs. Trout. There’s no […]


Hey everyone, Cory from and today, I’m bringing you my top 5 tetras! Number 5 is the black neon tetra. Almost bulletproof you can hit them with a hammer they’re so hardy, and they’re cheap – cheap, cheap, cheap – and they look great against a green background. I love them for beginners; I […]

Fish Korma Recipe ll with English Subtitles ll Cooking with Benazir

Peace be upon you Today we are making Fish Korma It is a very easy recipe and delicious too. So let us start. I have taken 6 pcs of pomfret fish. washed them thoroughly and dried them. Now we will sprinkle some salt over them I have nicely sprinkled salt over all the pieces. Now […]


Crispy on the outside , spicy soft potato in the inside, these deep fried potato chops are the ultimate street food delight of Kolkata. Hi everyone nomoshkar and welcome to Curries with Bumbi. This is my version of kolkata style aloor chop. So let’s get started. I have taken 2 large potatoes for this recipe. […]

PREDATOR POND FISHING!!! | Feeding attempt

Okay, so the peacock bass have been here For about three weeks now I’ve actually taken you guys along for every step of the way from getting them adding them that’s happening to feed them Preparing the tank, etc. Everything that you guys seen is on this tank is the only thing I’ve done so […]

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish

Introducing fun at its finest. Air Swimmers, the amazing remote control flying fish that swim through the air like it’s water. Incredibly fun and easy to fly, Air Swimmers’ lifelike movements make them exciting whether you’re at the controls or spectating. A steady back-and-forth action on the remote wags the tail fin, propelling the fish […]

$2000 Pleco Fish Unboxing! I’m in LOVE.

Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-Op, today we’re unboxing plecos. $2000 worth of plecos, very small box but super cool so stay tuned. They’re really hot, this is over nighted too, these must be 40 hour heat packs or something. What they do is they put this like this to help prevent any actual bags […]

Live Fish Food: How To Grow White Worms as Aquarium Fish Food

D: What’s up fish tank people? dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on an Easter Sunday. Hope you all are having a wonderful Easter Sunday and spending some quality time with your family, eat good food, doing some Easter egg action that sort of thing. To be honest the household of mine Nola was up […]