Catfish Fishing on Topwater Belly Lure/ Wels Angeln auf Oberflächenköder/ Pesca de Siluro

– I saw something in the water, thought that there is something and then.. – Sure. – Another one was chasing at the opposite bank. – Really? – Not a big one. – Has a long body. – There is another one! – Can you pull him out? – It’s dangerous as he might unhook. […]

Rza | Jeet Gill (Tabla Edition) | Devotional | Punjabi Songs 2018

O God Baba Nanak O God Baba Nanak O God Baba Nanak O God Baba Nanak O God Baba Nanak O God Baba Nanak O God Baba Nanak O God Baba Nanak If You Pray Million Times If You Pray Million Times You Can’t Be A Holy Man You Can’t Be A Holy Man If […]

Fishing Denmark/ Herring/ Randers Fjord/ Djursland

We are on the way down to, Voer, Randers Fjord, in Denmark, to see if there are any herring to be caught. Just rround the corner is the Fjord Center, a visiting center where one can hire a boat, and where there are exhibitions about the Fjord. Amongst other things. I have been here today […]


Can Not Yo? There is no? Ouch Looks like Fail Can You Get It? Wah Babon

Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish | Uncut Interview on BackStage Pass | WKAR

– When we were in, we stopped at just north of Washington D.C. in this town called Frederick. I’ve never seen a town named Frederick. Normally Frederickston, Fredericksburg. In Frederick, we went to this Wal-Mart. – To stay the night. – One of the worst Wal-Marts I’ve ever been in. And we went in. What […]

Fishing the Guadalupe River for My First Texas Brown Trout 2019, 4K

No back out here on the Guadalupe again with some higher flow rates it’s about 734 cubic feet per second today never fished it this high before so it’s gonna be a learning process oh there is a trout right there my goal today don’t drown pretty simple hopefully I’d thought I would try a […]

Inilah Surganya Belut Tempat Mancing Belut Paling Mantap – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum Wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel Here I am Ordinary There Are Many Spotts Still in the same place and I’m sure There Are Many Eels So Please Help To Subscribe and Turn on the Bell And who have been supported Thank you Who Already Likes and Comment Thank You Anyway […]


Assalamualaikum Wr.wb Meet Again with Us on the Eel Fishing Channel And Today I am Around Pool Yes And the pool is close to the rice fields And this is the foundation, yes Sorry, yes, if this time the voice is a little noisy, it’s because it’s on the edge of the road Not marginalized, […]

Small Stream – Small Trout

There There he is He’s moving. Look. What did he do? Did he take something? Good question. He didn’t take anything on the surface. No. It’s low and clear water, and it’s hot. Ain’t gonna be easy. There is a wave up there He’s coming closer. Be still. He took it. He swam all the […]

Fishing for Shark Toys In the Bubbles! Surprise Sea Creatures in the Bubbles.

Ok kids, today we are going to fish for sharks. In the bubbles. Watch out for that guy, don’t let him fall in, there are sharks in there. Should we send our submarine down there to check it out? Alright, look like you caught something there. What did you catch? A whale. A whale? Yea. […]