Giant sea spiders use their legs as gills and their guts as hearts

>>Caitlin Shishido: So I’m from Maui so the opportunity to go down there is incredible, but also really cold compared to here. It was really amazing. I think thereʻs nothing like Antarctica. >>Amy Moran: We were working with a group called the sea spiders or the pycnogonids, which occur in Hawaii, but they are very […]

Shark Awareness

(waves crashing) (light piano music) – Sharks are such an important part of a healthy ocean. The perception of sharks can often be misguided because of films like Jaws. People get the wrong idea about sharks. They’re apex predators, so they help keep the oceans clean, so they really are super important. The Victorian Fisheries […]

Rare Encounter with Greenland Shark – Adam Ravetch

The Greenland Shark is probably one of the most bizarre creatures on the planet. It is actually a deep-water shark and it is prehistoric. It has an extra gill slit than the modern day shark so it comes form another era. It lives at thousands of feet, on the bottom, so very few people know […]

The Best Pitch Tips From Shark Tank Season 10 Episode 1 | Inc.

I’m Emily Canal, I’m a Shark Tank expert I’ve been reporting on the show for the last three years and I’m here to talk to you today about a particularly good pitch from episode 1 of season 10. Corey and Heidi Santiago, a husband and wife duo. They were seeking $100,000 for 20% of their […]

Herring Use FARTS to Talk to Each Other

Science has long studied how animals talk to one another. They may not have language like you and I but almost every animal on the planet has some form of communication system, sometimes these can be simple, like the bark of a dog or extremely complex like the sonar waves of a Dolphin. Seriously dolphins […]

Can a shark and a dolphin have babies?

(phone ringing) – Hi, it’s Doug! So, this summer, my family and I got a cat. Now, I’ve always been a dog person. I wasn’t so sure about this. But, he’s awesome. We love him. His name is Auggie and we got him from a rescue shelter. One of the things that I found interesting […]

Conflict Of Interest – Rob Herring

I think I’m ready for a dietary change But how in the world do I know who to trust? When everybody’s making contradictory claims Complicating it all so much So I listen to the source That the big food companies endorse Then of course I’m in the best of hands But if there’s something fishy […]

Facts: The Mako Shark

The mako shark is one of the fastest predators in the ocean. They can reach speeds of around 40mph(64kmh). And leap out of the water 20ft into the air. Makos are located in most tropical and temperate ocean waters around the world. They may be found lurking at the surface or 2400ft(730m) down. Their tough […]

Facts: The Sawfish (Carpenter Shark)

Sawfish or carpenter sharks are modified rays with a shark-like body. They belong to a group of cartilaginous fish called elasmobranchs that includes sharks, skates, and rays. Amazingly, they have evolved a long, saw-like snout edged with sharp teeth. This snout is called a rostrum and it can be used in a back and forth […]

Loro Parque: Süße Süßwasserstechrochen-Babys im Aquarium 💧 |

Hello, today we visit Loro Parque. They are so funny because they have all of this space but they prefer to be one of the other, one over the other because they are sisters and brothers. Sometimes we try to avoid that they are in the same place but they like it and they are […]