Surigao Trolling or “Subid” Catch Bariles or Yellowfin Tuna | Amazing Dolphin encounter

Good day AniMalupet viewers! Finally after two weeks we have a new episode that we will learn a lot of things. Today we will catch yellow fin tuna. This method of catching in our town is called Three of us will go to the ocean. They used the same method in catching tuna. We will […]

What about outcomes in the Ofsted Inspection Framework? – Gill Jones | The Famly Interview

Outcomes are always important because they define readiness in the early years. A child that is well on the road to being able to read, or to be confident in all the areas of learning, that’s important so we’re not saying outcomes don’t matter, they do, but the journey to the outcomes is really important. […]

Whale Sharks of Holbox | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

Next on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, Jonathan goes into the ocean with the world’s largest shark! Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my world! ( ♪ music ) I’ve journeyed to the warm and shallow waters of tiny Holbox Island in the Gulf of Mexico to find and film the world’s largest fish. Holbox […]

Invite (Step 4) | 8 Steps to success by Park Han Gill of Atomy

After the third step of making a list, you are going to make phone calls. The purpose of phone calls is not to explain about the business but to make appointments and invitations. When making invitations, it’s of critical importance that you’re committed to a certain number of phone calls/day and doing it consistently. To […]

Mystery of the sick and starving sea lion pups: Hundreds rescued from California coast

Researchers have been left baffled as hundreds of sick and starving sea lion pups continue to wash up on California beaches in what is proving to be a particularly deadly winter for the pinnipeds. In January, rescuers netted more than 250 frail pups from San Diego to San Francisco Bay, mostly seven-month-olds that should have […]

Gill v. Whitford [SCOTUSbrief]

​Gill v. Whitford is a case that attempts to answer a question that’s about 30 years old. How do you define a gerrymandering? Gerrymandering is a way to draw district lines to help your party and hurt your opponent. The term gerrymandering is based on the name of a founding father named Elbridge Gerry. Elbridge […]

Ron Gill, Pressure and Release, Stockmanship/Stewardship 2019

PRESENTER RON GILL: Let’s spend a little time here talking about stockmanship and handling cattle. And I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time talking but it’s interesting, when I first came out here by myself before everybody else started migrating, these cattle were all laying on one end of the pen or the […]

Ron Gill – BQA – Cattle movement in the Chute when giving injections.

If you are giving a muscular shot, you run the risk of the animal jumping in the shoe picked up there he has not come ou. If you job with needle like that, they are going to jump if they foward back, they run the risk that needle.

Tim Gill – What are the consequences of limited play

One of the things that we’re beginning to see in children’s lives, is that we’re seeing growing numbers of children struggling as they grow up, as they become adolescents, as they enter into the teenage years. In the UK, at least, we’re seeing higher levels of depression, anxiety, on the one hand, and what the […]

A Tribute to Gill Dalley of the Soi Dog Foundation

I don’t think too many people achieve their goals, their aims, their dreams… um, and I’m not one of those people who’s going to go to the grave thinking “what if?” There’s nothing I haven’t seen I don’t think. You get dogs with their jaws wired up so they can’t eat or drink. Dogs set […]