Frank, the undulated Moray Eel – Kona, Hawaii

I’m live. Hello this is Martina Wing, live from Hawaii with the Manta Rays Advocates. Sometimes the beginning is a little bit confusing to me on what the screen shows me. Anyway here it is. This is my manta ray flying through the picture. It is a few minutes after 11 o’clock. I’m sorry I’m […]

Sam’s Club Has a Copycat Chick-fil-A Sandwich…and We Reviewed It! | Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

– We all love Chick-fil-A, so when we have a chance to get that flavor at home like everyday I gotta give a try. So I did this with the nuggets when Sam’s came out with kinda their version of Chick-fil-A’s chicken nuggets. They didn’t say that, but that’s what everyone knew they were doing. […]

2019 San Pablo Dam Reservoir Angler’s Press Trout Tournament. Let’s Go!!

He was second in 2019 and we’re at some Pablo dam reservoir. We’re getting ready to go to this tournament today Let’s see how we do today. Let’s go guys. Let’s go fishing. Yo Briana what’s up? What’s up? You ready to kill it today? Oh man, it’s all shaded up like that Do that […]

Midsummer Small Stream Trout. Uncut Fishing #10

Hello dear friends, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Uncut Fishing. And today I invite you to yet another small stream that you haven’t seen before. The spinner that I’ll be using is a pretty worn Mepps Aglia TW copper colored No. 2, with a replaced hook. And my spinning to day is ultra-light 7 feet […]

125g African Cichlid Aquarium – Equipment Walkthrough

Hey everyone, Steve Poland here, And I show my display tanks a lot. But mostly when I talk about them, I only talk about the fish. I did a few videos early on about my drip system and some other technical things. But I thought it would be cool to give you just a full […]

If Taylor Swift Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

(intense music) (doors close) – Let the games begin. (door opens) – Hey, Max? – Yes, Nev? – What word rhymes with– – Email. – You didn’t let me finish– – It’s e-mail. – What word rhymes with– – Oh, you’re still going– – With tall tale? – Email. – Email. Can you guess what […]

욕망의 대왕장어 먹방 Giant Eel of Desire Eating Mukbang (ENG)

I teach a class about editing videos at night I enjoy my private stuff As I have a big difference between my day and night I feel more pleasure Giant Eel of Desire Giant Eel Mottled Eel it is huge (Giant mottled eel) They grow up to 6.5 ft to 9.8 ft soft skin.. actual […]

Planted Aquarium FILTER REVEAL

I’m actually still working on the 2,000 gallon aquarium, however. It’s only filling right now and in the meantime I have to keep it moving. There’s still far more fish tanks to set up out here in the aquarium gallery specifically the 375 gallon planted Aquarium, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about […]

Powerbait Trout Setup. Trout Still Fishing Rig. Easiest Way to Catch Trout.

TROUT STILL FISHING RIG WITH POWERBAIT: Hello everybody, this is Fishthatwontquit. Today I’m going to show you a basic, very basic, trout rig that I first rig I ever used. It’s basically a still fishing rig. The basic setup is you have your main line here, coming down from your rod. Then what you’re going […]


Bismillah hirrohmanirrohim He wants to shop Please Burn De Yes Odonk Medium ,, His face … Ouch Po’e PO’E ,, PO’E ,, ouch Trying, Medium Narik Said Babon Come on, Where’s His Face? PO’E Good, good, good … Trying to say it Dede It’s the same as just holding the camera What to do? The […]