Hush a Bye Baby | Lullaby for Babies | Blue Fish

Time to sleep, time to sleep The sun is setting down, setting down I ate, and I took a bath And I’m sleepy now, I’m sleepy now Pajamas on, soft and warm Mommy will read me a story read me a story Time to sleep, time to sleep It’s my bed time, it’s my bed […]

Catfish Fishing with Crankbait Late Summer 2015/ Welsangeln mit Wobbler/ Риболов на сом

– This time I caught him!

The Try Guys Test Old Age Body Simulators

– This is going to be the most relatable Try Guys series ever. Why? – Because it’s real. – Old people! We all love ’em. But what happens when we become ’em? (screams) – I’m 31 years young, I’ll never get old, I’ll never die. – [Eugene] In this series we’re gonna explore old age […]

Giant eel sushi MUKBANG 초대형 장어 초밥 먹방 うなぎ寿司 ปลาไหลซูชิ lươn Belut ASMR EATING SOUND

Nice to meet you ~! 😍-REALMOUTH- Have a great time today! 😍 Hippo..? 😲 squirrel?! 😆 Thank you for watching! 😍 Let’s meet again next time! 😆

How long should Aquarium lights be on?

VISIT MY FISHKEEPING WEBSITE: Aquarium Lighting Aquarium lights are essential for seeing our fish and growing aquarium plants, handled incorrectly though, lighting can be a direct contributor to aquarium algae problems. How long should aquarium lighting be on? Having your aquarium lighting on for too long can cause an over availability of light. Algae […]

Catfish — Movie Review #JPMN

Before I begin, I should mention that Catfish is a film perhaps best explored without absolutely zero knowledge about its plot. But, if you’ve already heard something about it, or had the ending spoiled for you – it doesn’t diminish from its impact or effectiveness anyway. Either way, I will do my best to avoid […]


– Noah and I are gonna fight to the death. It’s time for the shark fight! – Hey guys! – I’m Eden. – And I’m Noah. – And I’m Hope! And we’re the – Super Hero Kids! – It’s time for – Challenge time! Whoa! – Which game should we pick first? (overlapping excited talking) […]

Little aquarium box – nano aquarium setting up.

Some time ago I found interesting box, I knew immediately its destiny unearthed a few stones from the basement and sat down to prepare a mini tank , although the determination of nano or pico is even more relevant the volume of the box is just over half a liter Nano tank has been flooded […]